Ping 13: XBOX tags cheaters, MyPhone, Wolfram Alpha, Netfix on Media Center

Play Ping 13: XBOX tags cheaters, MyPhone, Wolfram Alpha, Netfix on Media Center

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    Holy ****.

    How much editing went into this exactly?

    I almost got nauseous from the camera switching around so bloody much.

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    hey laura


    how can we be in contact with you and your colleague u suppose to have facebook group or something like that for us as fans



    and by the way microsoft officejumb from 12 to 14 without 13in between so why u make episode 13 ? i am just saying


    anyway love u both hope this show be twice a week


    i really enjoy every minute of it

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    athman: Thanks! So glad to hear you like the show that much- we really enjoy making it!  You can interact with Max and I here in the comments section and also on our Ping Facebook page. Here's a link:

    Regarding skipping the 13th show: No way! 13 is a lucky # Smiley I think hotels that don't have a "13th" floor but have a "14th" must just think we're stupid Smiley

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    Daniel Keymer

    Maybe someone on the Office team is just a little superstitious... or they're marketing to people who are. Not really sure!

    Also, re: campers; they have one really big weakness - they're predictable (obviously). Try to find a way to exploit it. Smiley

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    I have to agree with Chadk, you guys need to cut down on the editing.  I had a very hard time finishing the show.

    Can I made a suggestion, I appreciate the highlight reel the show is turning into, but most of the stuff you talk about I get in my morning RSS reader, why not answer some more of our questions?  You've done that in the past and it's been very insightful.  Not to mention we get warm and fuzzy feeling when you guys answer back, it makes us feel like someone's listening.

    There are so many technical interviews on the site, Brian and Dan summarizing what's happened for the week, Charles does a great job interviewing technical people, why not help us navigate the labyrinth of Microsoft releases?

    1. Has Windows 7 ship date been finalized?

    2. How has the response been to Visual Studio 2010?  (Specifically how many downloads)

    3. How has the response been to laptop hunters?  (I know many news sites are reporting the commercial was made on a Mac)

    4. How are people responding to the Windows 7 Code Pack?

    5. How is Windows Mobile doing?

    6. Are there exciting announcements we should be preparing for?

    7. Is the Office Technical Preview going to have a general beta like the Windows team is doing for 7?

    8. Does Windows Live Mail have an active development team, and where do we send feedback?

    p.s. Most buildings have a 13th floor but it's reserved for mechanical.  This is because usually city water pressure isn't enough to drive the water up all the way to top, so compressors on the 13th floor are used to give it that extra push.  This is what I was told by my old building manager.

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    If Ping is about what Microsofties are talking about I'm not sure requests are appropriate but there are some topics that really come to mind

    1. Semantic Web and Microsofts use of OWL
    2. Wolfram|Alpha and Microsofts angle
    3. Interview with Stephen Wolfram
    4. The "Oslo" platform and Microsoft's long-term perspective on data, semantics, programming languages and virtual machines - is there a coherent story or a palette of stories
    5. Powerset and Microsoft's use of its new computational linguistics powertoy
    6. Does Microsoft have the confidence to be transparent about strategy
    Don't much mind the format as is. The audio sounds quite compressed to me but the editing poses no issues ditto.
    Still a fan Smiley

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    Chris & Exoteric- This is awesome! Thanks so much for your topic suggestions. Ping is definitely a show about what Microsofties are talking about, but also a show that encourages and responds to viewer interaction.  Also, frequently the topics you want to know about ARE what Microsofties are talking about.  I'm going to follow up on both of your suggestions and hopefully will have some results for you on next weeks show.


    Thanks again Smiley


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    It was a new editor, I had the same reaction and it won't happen again (I hope). Wink

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    I don't have any new ways of trying to apply to jobs. I would like to do a really good video production of myself, but that might be too corny.

    BTW: I noticed the editing also..look almost like some HD thing (did we need Dramamine?) LOL! Smiley

    I always get a kick out of PING and look forward to catching up on the latest episodes.  Keep it up!

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    Cool! - looking forward to it Smiley

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    Eric Havir

    I like the editing. Sorry. The audio sounds better, the clips hold my attention more. Max actually looks taller 16:9 scrunched to 4:3, which is a bit unnerving.

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    Nice shirt, Max.Wink

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    Ok, I don't recomend this but I had a CEO (small startup company) once that would got to B&N and sit around in the computer book section.  If we where looking for a C# or ASP.NET developer he would wait for someone to come in and buy a book on the subject.  Then he would chat them up a bit and if he liked them he offered them a job right then and there.  I offten (usely just after having to lay someone off) explain to him that if someone is looking for a book they most likely didn't understand the technology. Hence the book.

    Man I miss the days when VCs where handing out money to anybody with a keyboard and wacked out idea...


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    Yesterday, there was a news item on Belgian TV about an unemployed Belgian software developer that found an original way to look for a job: he offered companies his services for free, for a day. He got a lot of positive responses and found a new job in no time.

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