Ping 130: Xbox LIVE for Droids and iPhones, Where's MIX, Microsoft points, SQL Server Party

Play Ping 130: Xbox LIVE for Droids and iPhones, Where's MIX, Microsoft points, SQL Server Party

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    This was nice one . . . /


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    I guess when you're in the checkout line, you should always let Paul cut in front of you.

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    I love the show but I thught Microsoft gives you guy laptop I cannot get on


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    Another good show.


    Evil post system, must be why I stil lhaven't received my 9 guy from episode 100 Crying boo


    The Xbox LIVE app is already available on iOS.

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    I've heard that the reason for points vs. cents is that people are more likely to buy a bunch of points all at once. This way Mirosoft has to deal with credit card transaction fees much less. It wouldn't be efficient for Microsoft to have to deal with credit card fees every time someone buys a 99cent item.

    I believe what iTunes does is to not charge you right away but instead they wait for people to make a bunch of purchases that adds up to a certain amount THEN they charge you for that lot of items OR of you don't buy anything more after a certain amount of time they charge you for that one item anyway.

    Retailers don't like credit cards because it ends up eating into their profit. They would much rather deal with real money.

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    nice !live event!good call,i mean if president obama can have fun on g+hangout why not microsoft release product!wait you did plan to use g+hangout right?(grin)

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    Nice one again!!!

    Nice Stratovarius shirt Laura! Did not know you liked Metal! Wink 

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    No one has answered me yet on the Bing thing. So even more so, now if "Bing is for Doing" what happens afterwards. What is it called after you have used Bing? Is that a Bang?


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    Graham Oliver

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My blog is in the very same area of interest as yours and my users would really benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks!

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    Laura and Paul or LP for short Smiley

    OK, here are my thoughts, get ready... epic comment...

    Paul, thanks for the mention. You were the first person I thought of when I read the news. Is your top secret project shipping?

    Yes, I've been absent. Work and personal life are consuming my time. I've been cutting my teeth on the Windows 8 Developer Preview and I want to get something into the store soon. It amazes me that the preview works on my 5 yr old DELL Inspiron.

    Also, I didn't know you moved teams. Keep up the great work over on the System Centre Advisor Team. You will always be my cool SQL Server guy.

    XBOX live for all is great. On a larger idea, I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't released more apps on other mobile platforms. My Dad really wants Microsoft Office on his iPad, especially Excel. OneNote on the iPad is awesomeness!

    Ah, the sorted topic of virtual currency. I understand credit card purchases are inundated with fees, but change the system to make it 1 to 1. Make the math dead simple.

    Laura, regarding gift cards, I have dozens of them with maybe 2 or 3 dollars left in change. I recently used the remainder to pay for the person in line behind me, it made them really happy. I love reloadable gift cards Smiley This is how I get my coffee in the morning (I'm not a loose change carrying type of person). I actually work with a guy who doesn't even have a debit card. He still goes to the brick and mortar bank to get money out for the week. Cash is still king even though I rarely use it.

    MIX striked me as the afternoon snack between PDC and TechEd. I like the different types of content at MIX, but you get conference overload. Which one do you attend, which one do you skip, is there mobile, desktop and web, is it local, do I fly, do I need a hotel, etc. Microsoft shoud have an online pass for premium conference content. Maybe link that to your MSDN?

    Personally, I really miss the Deep Dives we used to have in Calgary. They were at the local Cinema and ran all morning. It was a great use of a theater, good acoustics and really comfortable seats and everyone could see the giant screen. They were also presented by local MVP or RDs which was a great for networking.

    Kind Regards,

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    Michael df

    Laura is insanely hot

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    Just hope the next big conference they do they have a "real" party. PDC 2005 Microsoft rented all of Universal Studios. Now it seems like every conference they just have a big club or something. Yes, there's a bit more mingling, but then you can't chug a bunch of beer and go on the Mummy three times Smiley

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    You mean to tell me that all I have to do is email you guys my address and I get a 9 guy?!

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    Great show of Laur...

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