Ping 133: Googlighting, Lumia Bundle, Facebook & Bing, Visual Studio 11 Beta

Play Ping 133: Googlighting, Lumia Bundle, Facebook & Bing, Visual Studio 11 Beta
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Laura and Paul are together again and they haven't missed a beat. Here's the hottest stories from the land of Microsoft:

Googlighting [02:14]

Lumia bundle hits stores  [09:22]

Facebook adds Bing tie in  [05:28]

Visual Studio 11 Beta   [12:32]



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The Discussion

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    @Paul <3

    Moonlighting was an awesome show!

    I think the nokia speaker is bluetooth rather than nfc as the Lumia doesn't have nfc on it.

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    The Nokia speakers support both bluetooth and NFC pairing. they were originally designed for the N9 which has NFC support. This also means they will support NFC pairing for future Lumia phones that will support NFC.

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    @Kevin:ahh, good stuff.

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    Welcome Back Paul ! Hope now you can send me the Channel9 Guy , I requested in mail sent ..

    Downloading Ping now......

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    THE KING HAS RETURNED!!  Welcome back Paul!! You saved PING and all of it's glory.  Happy days...=)

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    , Alex219267 wrote

    THE KING HAS RETURNED!!  Welcome back Paul!! You saved PING and all of it's glory.  Happy days...=)

    I could get used to this. Cool

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    Laura Why are you shouting ?

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    Oh thank goodness, Paul is back; the show was just a tad 'off' without him. Welcome back amigo!

    Laura, a suggestion... for your "Hot Apps" segment, think you can do two shows: 1 for apps (I know it's just me, but I don't consider games to be apps) and 1 for games? Honestly, I could care less about the latest mobile game, but I am very interested in the latest mobile productivity app, whether it be a note, calendar, or photo editing app. I can't be alone on this :)


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    Moonlighting - hey, there's a modern show people can relate to.

    What's the future plan, to attack Apple using a Little House on the Prairie parody?

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    Nokia Lumia Bundle without the cyan model???  Way overpriced? 

    Looks like Microsoft and Nokia just want to prove they can't sell.

    Microsoft needs to offer all variations of the correctly sized Lumia 800 (instead of the massive Lumia 900 that just helps AT&T protect it's right-sized iPhone market) and at a reasonable price.

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    @laura: you can try to play Ping at 130% speed without time stretching (a.k.a. Chimpmunks mode) Wink

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    Hello people! I"M BACK!

    Ok, about the Googlighting thing... Look... I love it when Microsoft attacks like "The giant has woken up and I'm going to crush you" so the idea behind this video was great! but it was way too CHEESY for me. And that comes from a person that says "I'm back" when he greets people... haha

    The Lumia 800 is way too sexy! I actually tweeted that if it were a person I would marry it and the Windows Phone folks retweeted it! I know what your thinking... he's a freaking GENIUS! And to that I say... you're welcome! KIDDING! Seriously... I love that device!

     Finally... I need 2 acknowledge that 2day is the release of the Consumer Preview. Downloading it right now!


    Happy that you're back Paul. Paul and Laura are my fav combo... And btw Laura, ur voice is not annoying... It's hot! Love you both even though none of you follow me on Twitter.

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    @blah: THAT'S JUST HOW I TALK!!!

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    @Laura10:Let's go all caps rage in the next show Wink

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    I know Ping too.

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