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Ping 134: Flying robots, Windows Phone, Microsoft Flight, Win 8 hits a million

18 minutes, 52 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Tune in and find out what all the people at Microsoft are talking about. Here's a taste of this weeks flavors:

Cooperating, flying robots!  [04:14]

Windows Phone leader makes some noise  [10:00]

Microsoft Flight for FREE   [14:01]

Windows 8 breaks 1 MILLION downloads   [16:10]


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  • Great show!  I vote for me to be the next host.

    Nobody does it like Clark Kent.

  • teomanteoman

    You rock!

    It is such a big pleasure for us to see you over there, and giving us fantastic energy! Keep going, keep shouting, keep enjoying!

  • magicalclickmagicalclick Leaving WM on 5/2018 if no apps, no dedicated billboards where I drive, no Store name.

    Windows Phone article is strange. Because WinPh8 will be on Qualcomm CPU anyway. So, of course it will be binary compatible as long as WinNT offer same APIs as WinCE. No need for emulation at all. I am not even sure why this has to be asked or speculated. Did I miss-understood something?

  • manthinksmanthinks

    Laura you are cute :)


    Well, not only will we have swarms of robots working together to overthrow us it also looks like there are no more hiding spots thanks to their advanced mapping :/

    Time to get working on those EMP guns.


    Halo Tournament? Or are you guys waiting for Halo 4 to come out?

  • MostekMostek

    A great show! It's really nice to watch you two together... no other show on Ch9 has this energy.

    Keep up the good work.

  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    @IRB: Too bad the world ends a few months after Halo 4 gets released :/


    , martinmine wrote

    @IRB: Too bad the world ends a few months after Halo 4 gets released :/

    Well at least It'll all end on a happy note then, we can play Halo 4 until it all goes black Tongue Out

  • I've been using Windows 8 as my primary OS for about a month now. I started with the Developer Preview, and had a few issues that I just didn't like. However, I can say that since downloading the Consumer Preview, I have been completely blown away and I'm sold on it. Great job, Microsoft!

  • CraigHeadxepwn @CraigHead

    You know what is going to be great about Windows 8? On Launch day, the video is going to be streamed live. Single best thing Microsoft does that it's competitors don't.


  • Laura ROCKS.  No one can replace her.  I eat this choco-chip cookie in her honor.

  • Best show ever!!  You guys are like wine, the older the show gets THE BETTER!!!

  • CraigHeadxepwn @CraigHead

    Nom, Nom, Nom. Old is Gold. I miss Laura and Paul. I hope the next episode is full of milk and cookies. Come back soon! Smiley

  • Paul MestemakerPaulMest Former Ping Co-host

    , xepwn wrote

    Nom, Nom, Nom. Old is Gold. I miss Laura and Paul. I hope the next episode is full of milk and cookies. Come back soon! Smiley

    We missed you guys, too.  We filmed 135 earlier this week.  It should air on Mon around 1:00pm Pacific.

  • Great show!
    Laura love you, you are rock.

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