Ping 135: MicroStang, Lifebrowser, HTC Eternity in China, Hunger Games

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Another week of Microsofties making news, seems like the fun just never ends Smiley Here are some of the tid bits Laura and Paul talk about this week:

The Micro-Stang!  [05:22]

Lifebrowser for Landmarks in your life   [12:32]

Windows Phone launches in China  [09:54]

Hunger Games site in IE9   [17:16]



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The Discussion

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    Fricious.  Happy belated birthday Laura. Smiley  Is the video for the West Coast Customs episode going to be on C9?

    I've never heard of Hunger Games until last week and suddenly the media engine turned into overdrive.  Sounds good though....

    Good to have you back Paul - glad you survived the bubonic plague.  Big Smile

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    "'s like change and no choice.." - Laura, regarding facebook Timeline.

    It's funny, because people are saying the same thing about Windows 8 and the whole not booting to the desktop issue. I too don't like change, but after a day or so, I give in and find that I usually like the change more. In both cases, I like Timeline more than the previous version and I am all in favor of the direction Microsoft is going with Windows 8. Been playing with the Consumer Preview and quite frankly, love it!

    Check out my "Start" screen:

    Oh, almost forgot, Paul, do you have any of your comedy on YouTube?

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    Good to see you guys back!! Big Smile

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    Hunger Games was filmed here in Western NC. There are a ton of developers working around Asheville so I'm thinking it's time for an on loacation Ping from the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC.

    or maybe from the LAB

    Happy Birthday Laura!


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    Paul, you were not alone on the rear windscreen idea!!

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