Ping 141: The new Bing, Disney Kinect, Soundwave, 360's on sale

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    Facebook security settings updated ... thanks.  I can't believe all the apps that had access.  Last time I checked there were perhaps 2 or 3 that had access to my information; when I checked just now, there were at least 20.  I basically disabled everything except direct friend access and enabled approval for friends to tag me or anything like that.

    The Make a Wish Foundation sent my brother (he had Duchenne's muscular dystrophy) to Disney World when I was in grade 6.  It was a great time.  We got to cut ahead of every line, since he was in a wheelchair.  There was this young couple who were at many of the same attractions that we were, as we made our way through Disney World.  The young woman in her 20s was also in a wheelchair.  Later on during the trip we saw them together again walking around no problem.  We were all pretty disgusted.  Just thought I'd share.  Disney World was a great trip though - I'll always remember it, and my brother had the time of his life.  Make a Wish is great. 

    On with the rest of the show....

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    I wish xbox with contract had more content than regular xbox live subscription. Otherwise i don't think anybody is going to like that.

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    Welcome back Laura! Good to have you back Big Smile Whew.

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    Thanks for the tip on Facebook security sharing thingy, I've not updated my settings Smiley

    Nice to see the dynamic duo back together. The inclusion of the Mini-Me Laura was just epic!

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    Hello Ping!

    Can you please choose a softer intro music?
    Because when headset is on, it is really annoying to hear a loudy heavy rock music intro.


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    I have watched almost every single episode and I'm glad that you guys are finially getting the voice and video synced...

    Great job

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