Ping 146: Ballmer speaks out, Halo movie, Kinect Playfit, Father blames Xbox LIVE

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    It will be great idea for ping to be live. I can look at my new best show instead of cnet.

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    It's good to see you back, Laura. Lost decade? I guess the right way to put it is that while Microsoft has made a couple of remarkable achievements over a decade, it does stumble at times, just like any real-world entity / person does. When you are trying to frame a headline or topic, you can choose several events as evidences to support your argument, of course, without taking the entire situation into consideration. A good old saying goes like this: do not judge the book by the cover. While the headline may not represent the entire fact, past experience is certainly valuable for a company. Having weaknesses is not a loss or shame. It's up to us to figure out how to overcome the difficulties for a better future.

    A dangerous trend is happening in the academics around the world: all too often, people equate memorizing, accepting, and practicing as learning. While practice does help a lot to improve our skills, critical and analytical mind actually requires not to easily accept what are being told by just about anyone, no matter who he is; we need constantly reevaluate the underlying assumptions with the available information, which are often being unnoticed by most people. It's easy to regard assumptions as facts. Make no mistake. Making assumptions is a crucial part of learning; but making assumptions without further validation and re-evaluation will lead us to alternative views from what reality really is.

    Peer pressure is the pressure that one may face when he encounters that mainstream views from his peers, more broadly, from the entire society. It's not said that mainstream views are wrong by default. However, they are not right by default, either. The love of simplicity, less work, and better life is not wrong, either. What is wrong is the overlooking the nature, which does not behave the way we want but according to the constant laws.

    The name 'live' is particularly interesting. It sounds attractive to people because they want their entertainment immediately. To me, though, I do not particularly buy into 'live' programs. First of all, 'live' is merely perceptional, which means that it just happens in a very short time interval that people may not even notice. For those who have studied special relativity they know that 'action at a distance', if exists at all, would violate the principle of causality; the speed of travel of information and energy cannot exceed the speed of light in vacuum. Previously, there were reports in the media that claimed that special relativity was proven wrong by the experiments; those reports forgot to mention that those experiments were far from being able to give us a trustworthy conclusion. Soon after, a re-validation of the experiments found that special relativity was indeed right.

    Some people may think that they did not care if there were actually 'action at a distance' as 'live' would mean they can get the contents they want as soon as possible. As Laura pointed out, the Ping Show is heavily edited before it is available online, at least for the non-live episodes. The editing is meant for producing videos that have high quality. Personally, I would like to have high quality contents and I would not mind to wait for a little while for better-quality shows. 'Action at a distance' does not exist in the first place. Of course I do want to get my favorite contents as soon as possible. When you can get raw videos and improved versions of videos at the same time, would you still prefer live-contents? Probably not. Would you not?

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    I am a little sad that I'm only now discovering this show after nearly 150 episodes. Ballmer was spot-on, a Halo movie would be amazing, my son loves his Kinect, and his responsible Dad watches both the purchases and the checkbook Wink

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    Can I please get a link to the live episode(s)? Thanks!

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    I am looking forward to the Halo movie. 

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