Ping 149: The Outlook is good, body controlled PC's, Win8 RTM, Paid apps

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The Discussion

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    I can see uses for the robotic controller stuff for where people can't use full body control but I'd be worried about the false positives. If I tighten the grip on something im carrying will that open the boot across the car park for people passing by to help themselves? Expressionless


    Laura go create an alias over at on your normal WLID so you dont need to sign out, you'll just be able to use both email addresses, much easier.

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    The idea of body augmentation is quite enticing. Some years will pass after first models in the market, and it's Deus Ex all over!

    Also, thoughts on the recent W8 .iso leak? INTENTIONAL??

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    Great Video, I have been thinking why people do not use voice msg sending instead of typing. I bet that will even reduce the car accidents.I was using with MSN chat app at one point but as you said you have to install an app to make it work.

    Just a small feedback for your video, if you are not on IE with silverlight the following message pops-up and gives you alternative, Most of us may only read the first sentence, and some may read rest and click.

    "We've upgraded our Silverlight player so we need you to upgrade your plugin!"

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    If you guys want to sign up for the Buffer App that I mentioned at the end, you can use this link to get an extra spot in your Buffer.

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    Uh oh... you said the M word (even if it was a metrosexual joke)!

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    This episode was A+MAZING! Very insightful...

    My favorite part was min 17:21. Laura: "Did you have something to say?... you were pointing"...

    For some reason that cracks me up every time!

    So many times I find myself pointing with nothing to say... just laughing! Wink

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    @Selda: Regarding the Silverlight message, you'd only get that if you have Silverlight installed... but the wrong version. If you don't have Silverlight installed then you would just get the HTML 5 experience.

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    Hi, I think this is a lovely show, i have watched all the last 20 episodes or so, but i think it lacks of content, actually i don't know why i watch it every time, because most of the news i get to know it from a more professional show like "this week on ch9".
    My opinion is that it will be better if you make a specific identity for the show(like with win8 coming in, there will be tons of things to talk about), and by this we get a real benefit.

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    @Roger: Hello Roger, I believe that you are not correct when you say that Ping! does not have an identity.

    It's supposed to be a laid-back, nonchalant show that discusses the headliners of Microsoft news for the week. It's not supposed to be super technical or incredibly detailed.

    BTW you keep watching it because it's fun... that's the main reason I think!

    Much Love!

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    I love the idea of the arm band controller.  With it I could customize gestures to do useful things like unlock my phone without picking it up and then engaging with it via voice.  All completely hands free, even though I'm using my hands. 

    It would be even cooler if you invoke a hand gestured macro that would tell the phone to speak to me the weather, remind me of my appointments and step through my email.  I could even do this in public if I had headphones on, and no one would know what I was up to.  All with my phone in my pocket.

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