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Ping 15: Project Natal, Win 7 launch, SEO toolkit, Dev Kit for WinMo, Netbooks

17 minutes, 10 seconds


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Hot off the virtual presses- check out the Headlines that Microsoft made in the news this week:

Is Natal all it's cracked up to be?
Windows 7 will be on store shelves...
An SEO toolkit by ScottGu
What's in a name?
A tweet for WinMo Devs

PSYNG...pso pscandalous!


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  • well is there any NATAL for PC games

  • I am convinced no one cares about PC games anymore. I am hoping something amazing happens...

    Less multiplatform games would be nice.

  • WRWR

    Forget games, this could be the start of Minority Report UIs in standard computers/home entertainment devices...

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    but then again, mircosoft would be fools not to provide for their own platform Smiley  also natal has huuuuge potential for non gaming stuff as well on the pc..

    microsoft, please pretty please release windows natal drivers  Tongue Out

    i agree with you on the multiplatform though.. sims3 is sadly just an exception to the rule they could atleast test do better QA on the pc ports [gta4 anyone?]. also, why does games for windows live have to suck so hard? it could be so much better, it should be like steam, it should be xbox marketplace on the pc ffs.. but it isnt. its just an annoying drm that sometimes messes up your save files [gears anyone?] way to piss away an entire market.. :/

  • my conspiration theory:
    is it just me, or is it ping really becoming the replacement of 'this week on channel 9'? <suspicious>..<suspicious>.. Smiley

    PS: sorry dan

  • Conspiracy everywhere! Don't worry Punkouter- Ping is in no way a replacement for TWOC9.  Occasionally when there is big news, like Project Natal and the launch date of Win 7, our stories might duplicate, but the two shows have a completey different dynamic and feel- and the goal is that between both of them, we hit the hard core audience and then touch on some more mainstream stuff as well Smiley

    The goal is to COMPLIMENT each other, not replace.


  • Do not underestimate Natal. Maybe soon it's kinda like Surface 3D (in fact, even 4D). A revolution. Wave your PC Good Bye and it goes to Sleep. Stuff like Jack Carter's house in Eureka. Possibilities are endless.

    Good show.

    One thing, though: No pink on ping. Please.

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    btw, dont forget to check out #natal on twitter Smiley

  • Laura.

    Beautifully produced video... I wish more videos on C9 looked this way... awesome and pixely wonderful!

  • What happened to the slightly camp fellow? Tongue Out

  • I'm sorry Max, but I like Paul as the co-host, his smoothness balances the show out.  Plus I like his adversion to social networking.  Makes me feel I'm not alone in feeling some of the services are a little on the useless side Smiley

  • Thanks Chris Smiley I think of Ping as still in it's infancy stage so hopefully we continue to improve into adulthood.


  • Laura,

    I didn't mean it that way.  You guys are doing a great job!  If the show wasn't a hit, it wouldn't be on Week 15.  Crazy eh!

  • Oh- I was replying to your post saying how nice the show looked.

    Note to self: Make clear what you are replying to when replying so when the replied to person  replies to your reply it doesn't require a clarification reply.

    I think that clears things up!


  • No kidding eh?, Or even if your reply was in line with the original comment, would be cool.  Perhaps I should make a mock up and send it to the C9 feedback email Smiley

    p.s. can you tell I'm Canadian? Smiley

  • You may be convinced.  But I, and many others, are not.  Consoles will always suck and lag behind PC games.

  • You people are nuts! Laura, been sunny recently where you are? Hehe.Cool

  • Maxmaxzuck Spaceman Spiff!

    Oh yeah??? Does he have my copy-editing skills too?!??


    PS: It's "aversion," not "adversion." Tongue Out

  • As a mobile developer I was very excited to see the gesture support for windows mobile 6.5.  I am just getting the new DTK up and running for 6.5, but it looks great.


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