Ping 154: Wireless charging, Bing it on, Microsoft China, Paul is leaving Microsoft

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It is with a heavy heart and a lump in our throats that we bid farewell to Paul this long Paul, and thanks for all the fish.

Wireless charging  [03:19]

Bing it on!  [09:01]

China is hiring  [13:30]

And....why Paul decided to jump ship.  [16:44]



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The Discussion

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    Aww sad to see you go Paul, you will be missed.


    Good luck and all the best in your future endeavours.

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    Yakko Warner

    Good luck, Paul!  Ping won't be the same without you.   Crying

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    Bummer. We're going to miss you Paul. Best of luck with your start up and all the rest. 


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    Who's Paul?

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    Okay bring in Scott Hanselman please!  If not, ping will stop pinging.

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    So you're leaving Microsoft to build an app for the iPad, eh Paul? 

    Well, read your blog, and let me say, if working at Microsoft can't help you establish a comfortable retirement fund (think that's what you wrote), then someone like me is royally screwed; no skills, no degree, work for a lousy few bucks an hour...  Whoa, I'm depressed.

    Enough about me Tongue Out

    Good luck Paul, I'm sure you'll be fine, but remember this: ..... I got nothing.  See ya.

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    Awwww, bye Paul,

    I wanna work at Microsoft,please make a branch in Cebu, Philippines


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    Good luck with your Shuper Shecret Shtartup.

    Have enjoyed all your episodes. Will try and stalk you through you life reset. Hit the gym!

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    Usually when Paul go to Shanghai or any other places and get replaced by Larry, I will say hurray. But now, I really feel so sad. Since I knew Channel9, Tina was the first to leave, then Paul.

    Laura, you should make Tina and Paul as your guests. Tina on episode 167 (I remember Tina asked you to make her appeared again in the past episode) and Paul on 200.

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    Paul: I offer this cookie of gratitude.

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    who cares, as long as laura stays :)

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    PAUL!!!!!!! :( :( :(

    U'll be missed badly!! It won't be the same without u man. Best of luck with all that is to come...

    Im a newly CS graduate myself. Can't wait to apply to Microsoft. No other place i want to work at!

    Anyway, Paul..goodbye :(

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    I kinda figured he was leaving a while ago from some of his Facebook posts.

    Maybe has made him  lots of money Smiley

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    Mouhammad Fakhoury

    If you leave it up to Balmer, Microsoft will relocate to China! I think what people don't get is that the American culture is what makes great Software companies. It will take the Chinese a million year to know what the US software industry is all about!

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    Laura start learning Chinese. The next Ping will be make in China!

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    Paul, best of luck!

    Laura, I'm available if you're looking for a co-host.

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    Buy Paul, you've been a great test subject - I mean co-host. Good luck. Big Smile


    (Also, blacqwolf isn't a particular gaming term. It's just something I came up with when signing up for an account several years ago.)

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    Godspeed! May you live long and prosper! about the iPad app...well as an entrepreneur one needs to fish where the fish are... currently Microsoft is building a pool for tablet type fishes - who can blame you? farewell thee, ping will not be the same without you.... while people are focusing on the China office vacancies THERE IS A VACANCY ON PING...Laura are you talking résumés? I am pretty sure I can do that 'pinging each other' gesture better than Paul.

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    Honestly, I'm bummed Paul is leaving.  He's a cool guy.  So how do you solve the problem of his absense?

    By replacing him with an even COOLER guy, a much cooler guy; Ben the PC Guy.

    He's probably not a Channel 9iner, but I say get him!

    Scared Ben the PC Guy for Ping! Scared


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    Why you giving the day job @Paul? I've experienced your so-called stand up comedy. Big Smile


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    Oh no, Ping is going away at the end of the month.......
    and I mean the underwhelming Apple service of course :

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    So sad with Paul leaving...Sad

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    Tablet Writer

    Ping fanfic will never be the same ):

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    The only show on ch9 that is really funny and. Whatever time there was a substitute host for anyone of you two the show was mondane.

    Come on... make a stand up dummy with a LCD screen for the Paul's head, dress it up at will and and let Paul stream.
    If nothing else at least try it.

    Anyway all good Paul in your future endeavours.

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    Hey Paul stop all the downloading


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    This is indeed a sad day for all of us. Paul, you will be greatly missed. Ping will never be the same without you. It was you that made this show great. Your words of wisdom, teasing, and geek talk is what I looked forward to every week. I'd check every Monday to watch the latest Ping. If you weren't there, my heart sank. So Godspeed and I wish you success in the next chapter of your life. Farewell Paul, you will be greatly missed!

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    Sad Sad to see you go Paul; good luck and best wishes.  Thanks for the memories. Smiley

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    We will miss you Paul. Thanks for all memories... Hope to see you around in LA... Good Luck.

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    I'm very sad to learn that Paul is leaving Ping, and Microsoft.  I wish you all the best, Paul.

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    aaaa that sucks!!!
    this is the only show I watch from channel9
    worst thing is that none of the people that have substituted for Laura or Paul are cool.

    hope this show doesn't go down hill from here (probably will :()
    i mean when either one is absent which one is the person you think about, like "hey cool maybe that person will show up"
    the answer is none.

    anyways best of luck paul.

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    Laura, since Paul is out, are you guys looking for a new "paul"? IE: where do i submit my info for consideration :)

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    is ping dead?

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    So sad to see Paul leave. I too had to move onto other opportunities. However; that doesn't mean the world of Ping! is over I hope! If you need a co-host let me know Laura! I know somebody that would look great on camera with you!

    -Best Regards

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