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Ping 156: Bing Maps, SQL database update, Kinect in the movies, Coding marathon

18 minutes, 44 seconds


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It's another week of headlines and laugher as Paul and Laura deliver you all the news that Microsoft is buzzing about.

Apple CEO tells you to BING it

Windows Azure SQL Database

Kinect in the Movies

Coding marathon sets world record


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    That Haloween ch9 video was awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do this year.


    A-ha, now I know what causes the xbox to recognise movement when I'm sitting on the couch not moving, it is clearly ghosts waving at my TV, damn them!

  • Golnazgolnazal HEY HEY HEY

    LOLOLOL my favorite episode so far

  • Hrmm?? What happened to the Skype logo...

    [Queue the rumor mill]!

  • Paul MestemakerPaulMest Former Ping Co-host

    , LiquidSpy wrote

    Hrmm?? What happened to the Skype logo...

    [Queue the rumor mill]!

    I'm looking forward to the rumors.

  • , LiquidSpy wrote

    Hrmm?? What happened to the Skype logo...

    [Queue the rumor mill]!

    The Microsoft acquisition deal fell through, so now that Skype is no longer a Microsoft property, they can't promote Skype in their videos.

    Yeah?  No?  Hmm, how about this:

    They couldn't get rid of the echo with Skype, so they had to use Windows Live Messenger video chat instead.  (Or Video Kinect, perhaps?)

    Nah.  How about this:

    Microsoft has purchased Apple.  They're using FaceTime now.

  • You guys gotta fix the end of the show where Paul is throwing air at the camera.  Send him some of the channel9 little toy dudes.

  • Justin M. SalvatoJustin​MSalvato Microsoft junkie

    Microsoft Junkie says put the Skype logo back. 

    Whoa, all that Windows Azure stuff goes over my head because I am into the consumer products of Microsoft.  Glad there are folks like Paul that can break it down for the enterprise crowd. 

    Paul gives MaryJo Foley a run for her money Wink

  • Actually I was thinking that Paul was really using an Alpha version of the Office 365 video chat. (Formerly known as Skype.) But hey, Microsoft buying Apple is more plausible. Wink

    OR how about this...

    He was actually using the new Nokia 920 Windows 8 Phone and the image stabilization feature is so good that his girlfriend was actually holding it, instead of using a tripod. Though I'm not sure if you can use a wired headset with a phone... Just glad you picked a non-moving, anti-reflective, background to shoot with.

  • Mr. Mannmanncl Technology with a Mann's touch...

    Cisco TelePresence anyone?

  • for the umpteenth time.. AVATAR KINECT anyone?

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