Ping 16: MS kills Money, Browser for the Better, free anti-virus, Hulu on Media Center

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    RE Hulu, Don't know why I expected anything else! Sad

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    ZOMG! I can't believe Ms. Foy said the M word on an official Microsoft communication! Charles won't even let us say that in the forums.


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    IE8's slices work great. I recently found that has a webslice to update you on your package's location.

    Plus they have a nice gadget


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    hehe cool stuff

    "-you always need room, for porn" /max
    "[what do you do in priv8] - you mastrub8" /laura

    great moments of ping Wink

    also, larua, you installed ie8? guess youre not running win7 rc on that laptop... for shame... Wink

    story suggestions? natal dude Wink geif info plx Tongue Out

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    Laura is just too funny.

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    I'm totally shocked and surpised at the host comments related to InPrivate browsing and the "8" words.

    I think it's pretty sick that Microsoft employees are allowed to say the M* word; considering the vast reaches of Channel9 and audience.

    I recommend this video be edited or a formal apology be given.  Clearly the team at Microsoft is becoming too relaxed in their commentary and trying to be funny.


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    I actually tried out MS Money last year and it would have been pretty good to use if it weren't for the fact that it couldn't get updates from my UK  bank (flippin useless barclays).. so yeah shame 

    anyway this show can't just have 3 viewers  doh- it is a good show, though I have missed a few ep's.. when did the new guy Paul join?

    & dm1608 - chillout.. it was funny in an embarassing for Laura kinda way


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    surely you jest Smiley this isnt the fifties Wink

    i think ms employees can say what ever they want just like any other human beeing Smiley overall censoring is lame imo, especially since we're all adults here..

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    I think you need to lighten up a little.  The masterb8 comment had me in absolute stitches.

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    I think any impressionable minds perusing Channel 9 surely are exposed to much more provacative language on network television and in school.

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    Agreed...a) it was a joke and b) it's definitely not a curse word.  I could have "bleeped" it but people tend to imagine words far worse than what I was actually saying Smiley

    Now...back to the CONTENT! 

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    Some news Visual Stuido 2010? Im excited about RIA and Silverlight 3!

    What service is using Paul instead of MS Money. Im looking for somethink for a while. I was googling for mit.doc or something like that, but no result..


    Guys, U are hilarious! I dig you!

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    "We're all adults here?"

    You can't make that assumption, because everyone is not. 

    I'm glad it doesn't take much to make you all laugh.   What are you, both, like 18?    What would you know about censoring?  And, no employees cannot say whatever they feel like saying.  The corporation, Microsoft, is still the company being represented here whether and your opinion and comments does represent your employer!

    Gee, let me forward this over to the public relations department and see if this video gets yanked.



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    Laura & Paul,

    Awe shucks thanks for the shout-out.  Paul, I can't speak for everyone, but I am in no way bored of your presence.

    Laura, nice slip.  You have my endearing respect and admiration for saying it, and now it's part of the net.  For others out there, relax.  The same people who had a problem with this probably laugh at family guy and the Simpsons, which I think much worse things, have been said on those shows.  We were all thinking it; Laura had the guts to say it!

    As for Money, "sorry Money, your numbers are down, pack your desk you otta here".  That is too bad, but I'm a Quicken boy.

    Keep up the great work!

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    I haven't watched ping since episode one.  However after reading thought these comments, this one might be interesting.  Keep up the good work, pun intended.

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    Laura's frankness is certainly refreshing, please don't muzzle that girl, she's awesome!

    Keep Ping on the edge!

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    It really offends you that much?  They had me in stiches!

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    When I read some of the previous posts, I thought the M-word was "Money". I feel like an àss now.

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    Thanks for all the support guys! We try to be informative but also entertaining Smiley

    Also- some of you are starting to send your pics to ping@microsoft dot com-- this is awesome! We are brainstorming creative ways to incorporate them into future episodes. Love ya!

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    I agree w/ Paul about Quicken vs Money... I had a moment of weakness and actually wanted to be up-to-date on the personal finance stuff and actually test drove Quicken AND Money at the same time a few years back...

    Quicken was $70 and had a nice native interface that worked and Money was $55 and had a primative HTML interface. I was almost OK with that except when interfacing w/ my bank, Money was recording every transaction TWICE. This was UNACCEPTABLE especially when I already spent more than I made... this made it EVEN worse.

    BTW... What the eff?

    From the presspass

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    But if you read the fineprints:

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    How does $1.25 the equivalence of 8 meals?


    Shouldn't "Microsoft's 'Browser for the Better' Campaign donates equivalent of..." be "donates equivalence of..."

    I'm no grammar geek though...

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    One word for free antivirus--"AVAST".

    Is Microsoft following the (micro) trend of free software???

    Since spyware and malware has been on the rise over the past 8 years or so, I think it's high time for FREE intro level anti-virus/anti-spyware products to be available.  Especially since there are some viruses that actually act like antivirus software (i.e. AntiVirus 2009, Antivirus 360, etc.). 

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    @MinH -- There are some facts out there...
    "For every $1 you donate, Feeding America helps provide 10 pounds of food and grocery products to men, women and children facing hunger in our country."

    "Every dollar you give helps provide 7 meals for families struggling with hunger." 

    So if $1 provides food for 7 people... $1 + 1/7 of a dollar should provide food for 8 people.  This is completely based on the charity's ability to be efficient in its acquisition of bulk food and to provide that to meal halls and food banks across the nation.

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    Nice avatar Paul. Very Patriotic.

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    I read some of the site... I still don't get how $1 buys 10 lbs of food... Can I go to that store too? haha!

    BTW, what is it that's coming out of Paul's nose in that avatar?

    PS. I was gonna write an automatic downloader to generate downloads for until I saw the $1M cap... MS can blink and generate 870,000 downloads, so FA won't need any help from me Smiley

    PPS. "Minh" is pronounced "Min"  Smiley The "h" is silence in Vietnamese

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    I've been conditioned enough to automatically think "US only" whenever I read the words "Hulu", "Netflix" and "MP3 store".

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    1) Hope MS Accounting is not going to be dropped also Sad

    2) Minimum Free AV seems a no-brainer IMO.  MS should have had a "notepad" like AV software in windows since XP.  Good move.  And good for the ecosystem.  Shouldn't MS just make it part of the Firewall to check everything as it is downloaded and also run scheduled checks for anything that got throu?

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    wooooow laura



    my name is in the show

    and by you


    what else i want

    but dont u think the best reward for us is free edition of his book abt sql server (we deserve it didnt we laura?)

    and for my picture i will only give it to you in exhange with msdn subsription deal?

    thanks dear i loved this show and i keep counting days till the next episode is up


    ok abt this episode

    hulu doesnt serve except for us resident (is there anyway to cross over this condition)


    and abt the show i still see that the size of the episode is too large here is my suggestion how about uploading each episode to youtube so it come with good resolution and small size


    and laura u should stand on a chair next time so u a come equal with him(joking) ( for truth i forgot his name)

    and what is the secret abt throwing this stuff at the end of eah show


    my last suggestion what abt thinking of online meeting one a month with windows live meeting for us to meet you i am really looking forward for u to agree about this

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    great stuff .... laura is fo funny Smiley


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