Ping 168: Gamerloop, Bing & the State of the Union, Xbox Xpanding, Tablet size

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You asked, we listened. When you said you wanted more guests we went out and hunted for a guest. Not ONLY did we find one- but we found a darn good one at that! Check it out and decide for yourself:

Gamerloop  [02:44]

Bboy360 Shout Out [07:18]

Bing's State of the Union  [09:00]

Xbox X-pands  [12:30]

Size matters...  [15:56]



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    The Discussion

    • Prashant516

      \o/ Yay! Paul in the House!

    • dtower

      Good show. Here are my thoughts about smaller devices; Win Phone8 missed the boat. It should have been merged in with RT from the start so there wouldn't be three different development targets. It would have been so cool if my Lumia 920 could access and run all the same apps as my Surface. It also would have made the idea of a mini surface a no-brainer. As an outsider it clearly seems like you're working towards a unified platform and I think that's the right direction but you're not there yet. And until you are I don't think phone sized or near phone sized rt devices makes sense. What I *really* want is a RT Phone, not a phone sized Surface RT.


      Spent a long weekend on the Oregon coast. Weather was perfect.


      Also, just catching up from last week, don't change what's working. I think the setup with Paul being remote works much better than I thought it would at first. The show is still great in fact. Adding a question at the end was a nice idea, so keep doing that. The heart of the show is really pretty simple so I don't think there's much that needs improving. It's really just witty & informative banter around a handful of current MS related topics. Adding anything more risks overdoing it imo. Keep up the good work!

    • rectangle​HeadFan

      who's that guy? And where's that head in the rectangle?

    • IRB

      The dynamic duo are back together! yay Smiley


      Loving GamerLoop, sweet job mate!


      A 7" tablet could be interesting but I'd prefer an RT tablet with a digitizer as that seems to be the only thing missing. Don't want the size/expensive of a full Surface Pro to get pen, a low powered ARM with a digitizer and long battery would be fantastic.


      LOL @lfoy @ 17:40 Smiley


      For Valentines day, we had a nice dinner at home and watched a Rom-Com ... then ... well the rest is up to your imagination.

    • SheldonS

      Valentine's Day, well, I hid a couple of cards in obvious places for my wife to find.  Then I used my lunch break to deliver candy and flowers in person.

    • martinmine

      Yayy! Welcome back Paul! Big Smile

      Valentines day? That day Reddit was flooded with posts of that? Studying and reading some books I just got on C++ Smiley

      Anyways, why didn't I come up with this idea after last episode? You guys should give us some more insight into what's going on at the Redmond campus like do some small intervju with some people (outside the studio where they actually work) about what they think about this and that which just happened, etc. It would probably require some more time spending on the program, but I'm sure it would be great! Big Smile

    • optimiz3

      Just wanted to say thanks for having me on the show.

      Happy to answer any questions people might have on the technologies behind Gamerloop!

    • Dirtbagg

      V-day, I worked hard all day, then came home to where my wife cooked a rib-eye steak in of a heart for dinner, then we watched a movie and then other stuff Devil

    • IRB

      @optimiz3: How do you determine the Easy/Normal/Hard levels on the achievements? Is it based on the number of people who have unlocked it against the number of people who have played the game? Similar to TrueAchievements ?

    • LD

      Hands up for live Paul in the show. That's the real stuff. 

    • optimiz3

      @IRB: Easy/Normal/Hard does use relative completion rates as a signal; there was a lot of experimenting to figure out what the right criteria should be.

      In a nutshell: Easy = casual gamers, Normal = mid-core gamers, Hard = generally only hard-core gamers. These values can change as Gamerloop gathers more info about a game or the algorithms get tweaked (the end goal is to provide useful recommendations to people).

    • RealBboy360

      You forgot to list the Bboy360 mention at 7:18 on the timeline

    • golnazal

      @Dan276: I just added it!!!


      Sorry Laura I had to go into your show notes and add it Smiley

    • PaulMest

      , golnazal wrote

      @Dan276: I just added it!!!

      Sorry Laura I had to go into your show notes and add it Smiley

      Phew. Good thing you're here, Golnaz.

      @Dan276: Glad you could take a break from getting cheevos and MySpace fans to check out the show!  What do you think of Gamerloop?

    • PaulMest

      who's that guy? And where's that head in the rectangle?

      I didn't understand this at first... now that Laura explained it to me, I find this hilarious.

    • Jack

      Do you sell Paul Bobble Head dolls?

    • PaulMest

      Do you sell Paul Bobble Head dolls?

      Hahaha... what would you want that for??

    • Research​Voyager

      @optimiz3:Hey Alex - It was good to hear about GamerLoop, pretty neat idea! I could not help but to think about how the concept of GamerLoop could be used in the healthcare industry to connect people with similar health situations. Good stuff man! - Cheers.

    • Research​Voyager

      @IRB: Great recommendation to bring in some guest speakers! Nice touch to the last show.

    • optimiz3

      @ResearchVoyager: Thanks for the comment! One reason I chose to tackle gaming was that there's a ton of structured data that hasn't been leveraged well. A lot of the stats and probability models that power Gamerloop could be extended to other industries. There's a ton of stuff coming down the pipe, but the way I think about things is in terms of data derivatives (1st order = achievements, 2nd order = difficulty / completion rates, 3rd order = sequence/need inference, 4th order = matching based on need, 5th order = coming soon...).

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