Ping 17: Microsoft sues over ClickFraud, Soapbox scales down, Project Natal & Bing on Fallon

Play Ping 17: Microsoft sues over ClickFraud, Soapbox scales down, Project Natal & Bing on Fallon

The Discussion

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    Welcome back MAX!!!  Smiley

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    heey max is back Smiley 

    i gotta say.. ping is starting to grow on me Wink

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    Thanks!  Missed you guys!

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    Here's inside scoop on Max being on crutches... he was in New York to film the Natal segment on Jimmy Fallon and got his butt kicked by a virtual ball.  He slipped on it and broke his pride--big time!  True story.

    ... errr... welcome back, Max! Wink

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    There goes your steak dinner... all you had to do was keep your mouth shut! Tongue Out

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    Max, you got it all wrong. I took a poll of my friends and we all agree that we click right past the ads. If I search for Geico, I will not click the "highlighted" ad, I will click the first link which will be Those highlighted ads almost seem scamish.

    Although...if Microsoft and Google both have "sponsored ads" it must be worthwhile, I just do not see how.

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    Ahhh yes, a sample of friends... the quick "BS" test.

    Granted it is quite possible I am wrong, but as long as I am, I shall assume most of your friends are tech savvy like you and would consider themselves as such.  But riddle me this: would your mother know it's a "scamish" ad?  Would your little sister?  How about most of your classmates that believe "MySpace" is the epitome of technology?

    Now you understand who makes up most of the internet? Wink

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    Ads on the top of search results only work on the feeble-minded. Every Jedi should know this.

    FEEDBACK request: Walk around campus more, talk to more people. Those are fun. Drop things from buildings, wait that's Letterman. Also, the interesting MS shop talk is good. More MS research stuff. AI stuff.


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    so hi again max


    and laura what abt my suggestions in ur last show u didnt comment



    ok abt today i didnt find it intersting maybe these news are not my type


    anyway keep going we are with you

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    I agree it wasn't as interesting as some episodes... too bad we can't "make" the news.  But to Joe's point above, we can go see other cool stuff at MS perhaps.  Thanks everyone.

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    I have to admit i bypass the sponsored ads aswell as i fell they are scammy.  I'm sure if someone conducted some research they would discover that most the people that click on these ads are the people that end up falling for scams.

    However some of my clients use adwords successfully to increase purchases on their site so it must work.  I can have a guess at how this works aswell because most computer savy people would never consider entering credit card details on some random site they've just plucked from google but those that are gullible enough to click on these ad campaigns would be.

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    Soapbox failed because MS decided Soapbox has to be the anti-Youtube to have a shot. So Soapbox has a music filter a long long time ago. Uploading your own home video w/ Britney playing in the background and your video will be rejected.

    MS only wanted corporate videos... Unfortunately, corporates have Hulu.

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    Heyy, thats me on that picture, on holiday in Italy Smiley

    You rocks!

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    The first few episodes, I was a bit sceptical about Ping. But it's growing up and getting better. I like the fact that Ping has a bit of an edge and that you guys are also not afraid to talk about the less successful side of Microsoft (Money, Soapbox). Also, the incident caused by Laura's explicit word usage last week was highly exaggerated. That's exactly what gives Ping an edge, Laura's big yap. Wink

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    Hey Athman-

     Are you talking about the idea to have a live chat session? Cuz that is definitely something that we are working on!

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