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Ping 170: New Kinect capabilities, Viral Search, Valve & Xbox, Office 13 transfers

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Laura and Paul are back in action and we'd love to hear your take on these stories and more:

New Kinect capabilities

Viral Search for Twitter

Valve console

Office 13 transfers


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    What happened to Episode 170?


    Improved Kinect resolution is great, but I'd image an updated version of Kinect will arrive with the next Xbox allowing even higher resolution.


    Viral Tweet stats could be interesting but it might just be used for evil, marketing you more junk. However nothing I ever tweet is worth reading so nothing I say will be in there Smiley


    The Valve Steam Box is not something for me, but it does look quite interesting and extra competition is always welcomed as it spurs everyone else on!


    The best stuff I've seen come out of MS is Photosynth (yeah I know it isn't new this year but it has been updated for WP this year)

    Edit: Not forgetting the comeback of Ping and the Question of the Week, that needs to go into MS's greatest things of this year Wink

  • OMG. I think we counted wrong! Ha! This is actually episode 170....I blame setting the clocks forward...and Paul.




    Blimey, just you and me Laura in the comments this week? :/


    American idol... Expressionless  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    With the Office 2013 terms I never had a problem with transferring my license from a dead pc, worst case scenario I call the 800 number and was done.



    , Dirtbagg wrote

    HERE @IRB 

    Yay, welcome to the (albeit small) party  Cool

  • Where is everybody!?!?!?


    , Laura10 wrote

    Where is everybody!?!?!?

    Weird isn't it! I think they are all waiting for episode 170 Tongue Out

    Edit: Just noticed today that the 9 guy has a party hat on, did he hear I was throwing a party? or what is the occasion?

  • martinminemartinmine I eat C# for breakfast

    Waaa, you guys still send American Idol? I thought that was just some * they just sent in Norway to milk as many people as possible. Been far too into Sim City I barely had time to watch the episode Big Smile I would guess I'm most excited about the new xbox which is rumored to come out in (or be announced?) this year, also looking forward to the new Halo game which is also rumored to be announced with the xbox. 

    I'm on IRB with the Twitter thing would just lead to marketing spam. I'm fed up as it is with "like this, like that, share this, share that" on Facebook, I also find it funny how people are using a technique on Twitter where they get followers by following others. I can then see in my mailbox some random people followed me which also follows a few thousand other people, but when you follow that many, you kinda lose the point of using Twitter. The more people who uses a social network, the more advertisers and kids uses it who create what I would call "digital noise" which is what makes me uninterested and more or less annoyed about what pops up on my social networks (Facebook is the worst of them). So Paul, if you are able to make ads which are not annoying, they are interesting and they apply to their target group, you would really have a nice business going Wink

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