Ping 171: SXSW wins, Flash & IE, Cross-platform gaming, Office 365 FREE

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    Flash enabling for all sites is pretty good, but what we need next is Silverlight on ARM.

    Ummm ....... yeah there you go.


    Cross platform is always good, but you need to be able to only buy ONE copy of the game and not 3 times. Galactic Reign is also another game that now does multi-screen.

    Other than matching the same functionality, it could be an extension of the main game. Something like Fable Coin Golf/Pub Games did for the Main Xbox Fable 2/3 games.


    Ouch Laura, didn't you know it was a character I was playing, just letting you win Wink


    One-Note is by far the best Office product, an amazing product especially if you have a pen-supported tablet.


    Well I mainly relied on Office ( Word mostly) for report writing and various developer tools like Visual Studio and Win-PROLOG for AI programming. Still used pen and paper for note taking in those dark ages when I was at Uni Wink

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    @IRB woah? Still using pen and paper? I just do that for sketching up designs and stuff in UML. Some people gets amazed when I show them OneNote in class, almost everyone uses Word (wtf?) to take notes, probably because all they know about Office is Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I would probably not have survived without VisualStudio (2012) and Office. Even though there are alternatives for both of those, Visual Studio has by far the best intellisense and OneNote and the nice UI makes Office the easy winner Smiley

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    @martinmine: remember though, I went to Uni a looooong time ago. I'm about as old as Laura! 😉 but until I find a tablet with pen I like on Win8, pen and paper will still be used 😊

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    I agree re: OneNote.  It is incredible.  That being said, I am one of the only people that I know who uses it.

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    We had unix systems so I spent most of my time in vi and used pine for my email. When I needed to write a paper I used Word Perfect at home. I'm old.

    Now days I really like One Note. I like that I can just print stuff to it that I might need and it's right there on my phone. And I'm with IRB, I like pens.

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    Powerpoint saved my day many times, even today, i choose powerpoint over photoshop to create or merge any image or make any graphic very quickly.

    I even want to thank Microsoft for Dreamspark by providing software for students in college.

    OneNote is so awesomely built on WIn 8, Kudos

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    @IRB:I was thinking of that you where STILL using pen and paper Wink

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    Nice place there Paul, also nice collection of alcohol in the distance lolz

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    Flash - why wont you die? Its sad that we still need it, but HTML5 standards are evolving too slowly. The black list over white list will certainly benefit some of our users while flash sticks about.

    I think if i were at uni now I would make use of OneNote (I already use it heavily on the windows phone and a fair bit at work, the desktop version (as well as outlook in a way) it is great for copping snippets, sources, media and sharing it with others).

    Like SrikanthPatel I was quite fond of the software provided in Dreamspark, which made visual studio more available, and I began messing about with robotics studio (which led me into CCR & DSS and my first challenges in parallel processing and coordinating actions based on the results of tasks).

    Most of our course was theoretical so the pen and paper was ideal and on a plus the paper was easy to throw away. Fun times. I do find it entertaining that large amounts of students today still have trouble using the basic features of 'office' software and software like them on Linux and Macs. Its like they don't experiment with them anymore that they just use them because they have to. So anything like the complexity of Word Pad is sufficient.

    Im not sure if the 365 offer will make much of a difference (it is a good value subscription though). They are starting to notice the web apps on the online sky drive, others are over at google docs, mac users use something dull ... (and that money can go towards food and bear!). The rest are content with free alternatives. Any version of Word 2007+ is great for the dissertation (2003 wasn't as good at adding references). Some courses will also provide the students access to the software for free through MSDN subscriptions.

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    Von Bern

    I used paper and a Koh-I-Noor pencil to doodle in my time, know we have Fresh Paint, we live in interesting times.

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    I wanted to let you know that even though I rarely post comments on your shows, I watch every episode. Love your show!

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    @martinmine: oh yeah I still use pen and paper ever since I got rid of my elitebook. Got my eye on a couple of pen capable tablets though so that might change soon.
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    Cross Gaming is only a reality when delivered by MonoGme/Xamarin. Its great C#/XNA platform for Android, iOS, Playstation, and yes Windows Phone and Windows 8.

    Microsoft may have given up on XNA, but those great MonoGame guys are making XNA a true cross platform reality.

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    Here's another sympathy comment...  Tongue Out

    I was in college from 1995-1997 and at the time couldn't afford WordPerfect or Word so I relied on Microsoft Works which came with my IBM Aptiva.  Oh and I emailed like mad with my Prodigy account. 

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    QOTW- What software did you rely on during college?

    Word to create the essays and reports.

    Duke Nukem 3D to make myself feel better after getting the grades back.


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    OneNote is the best program ever written, I try to get anyone who is writing on a yellow note pad to switch. My older daughter has been converted, and with this Office 365 for college students, I will have to load this on my younger daughters new laptop this summer.

    QOTW: I had an electronic typewriter I used till I had a room mate with a Mac Classis and used his word processor. For games we played on the Mac Gato and Leisure Suit Larry, and Space Quest

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    Hmm... Mine were Ms. Word and PowerPoint 2003, Skydrive and PDF-XChange Viewer. I am still using all of them now even after graduating last year.

    If I have to pick the most I relied on, I guess it would be Skydrive. I had a hard time to rely on flash disk, sometimes I would loss it on the lab and its size only 1GB. Skydrive also have integrated Office Web App, even though with limited functionality. So, thumb up for Skydrive Smiley .

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    The web is the big place. No one, including Microsoft, can single-handedly decide the future of it. Each one of us plays a role to affect the future, even though we do not know what the outcome will be.

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    For me you'll have to turn back the clock. DOS was the OS. I relied on AMI Pro and Quattro Pro. WordPerfect was my second choice. I didn't use Word and Excel until my first Engineering job.

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