Ping 172: MVP Program, Developers get paid, TMall in China, Xbox hacked

Play Ping 172: MVP Program, Developers get paid, TMall in China, Xbox hacked

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    How about giving incentives like 100% profits and free tools for the first one or two apps instead?

    That said, Microsoft used to create reference applications like Family.Show to show how to build good applications for their platform - or rather they wold pay another company to do it. Is that still the case? (And how about upgrading those apps for familiarity for devs?)

    Maybe if you want to attract dev's you need to set more high quality examples and release the source on GitHub and Codeplex. Also comparative code for other platforms to show off benefits of async etc.

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    Don't move to the UK, that's one way to save money on taxes :P

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    Have you muted your mic Laura when Paul is on full-screen? I've seen him pause and respond to something (I assume you say) but we can't hear it.


    The paying the dev's thing is pretty neat but of course it is US only, so the rest of use dev's around the world are not encourage quite as much :/

    In the UK we do have a similar thing, but much tamer


    You do seem a little lax on how bad you think getting your Xbox Account hacked could be, don't make too light an issue out of it.


    Hmm tax tips, sounds like you need to set yourself up as a company and make your "base" in Luxembourg and then pay yourself via dividends/profits as they are ridiculously low in tax.

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    I'm working on a game but I'm stuck and I don't think an extra $100 is going to help. I suppose it may be good as an incentive to get someone started though.

    One of my goals is to devote as little brain power to taxes as possible.  I just can't deal with it, at all. The thought of trying to read through the rules and fill out the forms makes my eyes roll back in my head. I stick all the relevant paperwork in a manila folder and hand it to an expert to deal with.



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    @UKTaxesAreTooHigh: The Taxes in California are the highest in the US.

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    Within China, the people there may have little choice due to the political, economic, and social environment there. But outside China, we have to ask ourselves that can we have confidence over the reliability, accountability, quality control, etc. over the merchants and services originated solely from China, without some measures of control by foreign entity. China represents both great business opportunity and great challenge not only to the people of China but also the people around the world. China badly needs political, social, and economic reform. The question is, when or how or who. When will it happen, if ever? How will it happen? Who will have the political will, determination, and ability to make it happens. While we appreciate the benefits of capitalism, out-of-control capitalism is not what we want; that's why we need the rule of law for social order and balanced growth in the economy.

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    You should have come to the MVP Summit and cover it for Ping!
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    Unfortunately only US developers are paid for ther first apps.

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    Von Bern

    Dear Paul,

    Do it like Google, Starbucks and Amazon

    Don't pay any taxes.

    Put your headquarters in the Netherlands,

    Best regards,

    Form the Netherlands

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    @Von Bern: You gotta pay taxes in the Netherlands as well, friend got company there Wink

    Meh, I think Microsoft should focus more on quality on their apps. "hurr durr, my platform has X apps" It doesn't really means that the apps are good and that the users will have a good user experience with it. Sure Apple got tons of apps, but there was still no decent Imgur app until recently. I believe this will rather make developers submit an app just to get those 100 dollars, and lose focus on functionality and the purpose of their app. As a user, I don't wanna have a gazillion apps on my phone where this app is good for posting stuff on social network X, and this app is good for browsing social network X, key is to get good quality applications so the users don't exactly need that many apps, not some pre-release alpha/beta-stuff that barely works and crashes on one of 10 startups. 

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    Thats what happens when you stop supporting XNA, all the Indie Developers go elsewhere. They download Monogame, open Visual Studio, and convert all their XNA Games to run on Android, Playstation, iOS, OUYA etc.

    Paying $90 for a WP subscription, and asking for another subscription for Windows 8, and only making this offer to US Developers. Why should any of the Worldwide XNA Game developers care about the Microsoft eco system anymore?

    Kinda funny that Blackberry Phones already outselling Windows Phones.

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