Ping 173: IllumiShare, Worldwide Telescope, Play to Earn on Xbox, Developer Challenge to Down Under

Play Ping 173: IllumiShare, Worldwide Telescope, Play to Earn on Xbox, Developer Challenge to Down Under

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    Sorry for my lack of comments lately. Just so much going on these days!

    I'm not sure I think the $100 per app is the right approach. The quality of the apps submitted will be interesting. Not sure we'll see good results but on the flip side thought it's something and may draw in some good ones. Let's see what happens. Will we see any data on this? Apps submitted that received the $100 and # of downloads per? If there are some apps that get good traction it may be worth reaching out to the developer with further opportunity.

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    I'd agree with ResearchVoyager that if you are giving out money like $100 per app, it should be based on something like downloads.


    IllumiShare is some pretty smart stuff, but I'm with you Laura. I want my hands on with IllumiRoom !


    Worldwide Telescope is amazing, probably as close to the stars as I'm ever going to get sadly. Maybe need to start saving for a seat on Virgin Galactic.


    The Xbox Rewards programme is a great incentive to reward those that spend time (and money) on the Xbox. I've been in it since it launched and so fan had almost 4000 MSP's in reward points Smiley


    We call it noughts and crosses here in the UK. The funny differences I find are usually between the same word definitions here in the UK and over there in the US. Like pants, or fanny. They mean different things here :/

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    RadioLab did an episode on the origin of the game Tic-Tac-Toe back in 2011.

    Check it out

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    As IRB mentioned, it is noughts and crosses, not "knots" and crosses as the text on the cast showed... nought meaning nothing or "0"....

    I lived in England for 5 years, 89-95-ish. There were a number of interesting differences in the language but a great number of cultural differences. When on a vacation in France, I found that they number their building floors where the 1st floor is not the ground floor but the first floor above the ground floor. Kinda makes sense to start at 0. Perhaps the most funny thing that I recall was when I returned to the U.S. and had to buy a new tv because they have different power and tv formats in England. I was at the local big box store and when they carried my new tv out to the car, I asked them to "put the telly in the boot" a strange look for that one.



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    Forget traveling the world.  Just travel the country, a few miles and you will see some differences in speech.  Quick story: I'm originally from Queens, NY and when we order pizza, we say "pie".  We call the shoes on our feet "sneakers".  We call soft drinks "soda".  When I moved to Pittsburgh, I was told soda is called "pop", sneakers are called "tennis shoes" and when I tried to order a pie at the pizzeria, I was told "We don't sell pies; we're not that kind of business...".  Geezus, just gimme a large pizza!

    IllumiShare has some great potential, but Microsoft needs to move this stuff from research to product sooner, rather than later.  There is so much going on there that they could capitalize on. 

    Rock on Paul & Laura! Big Smile

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    So Americans call "noughts and crosses" "tic tac toe". I wondered why they never played "noughts and crosses"....

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    Thanks for another great show and in the nicest possible way can I say that Laura you looked extremely hot this week, so not only did you and Paul do a great show but props to the production crew for their great work again and especially the make-up team (well not so much on Paul's end)

    Harping back to the $100 incentive, at least Microsoft is trying to do something to encourage developers to the platform, anyone how has done iOS development will know it costs you $99 a year to even try your own app on your own hardware, plus you need to buy a Mac or "illegally" run OS-X on a virtual machine. So yeah sure it is a bit of bribery but really no developer is going to get rich off a $100 per app bonus but I see it as a very positive and proactive step in encouraging developers to take the first leap into the app store. Plus we do know that Apple likes to trot out it's fluff about how "we have a gazillion apps in the app store"

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    Something to cover for next week, the Calendar on has finally made it into the 21st Century! yay!

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    Got to say it: guilt-tripped into commenting...

    We have a State-side team, and various non-UK people in our UK offices, and surprisingly witness very little in terms of an impact due to cultural differences.

    They are there, just that they don't get in the way of things.

    If Microsoft want to give me incentives to get developing apps, all they need to do is come and babysit my 18 m/o son so I could get some free time to code!

    Better yet, teach him to do it and I can watch the F1 this season :-)

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    Tic Tac Toe = "Piškvorky" in Czech. Smiley

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    In Latin America Tic-Tac-Toe is called "Gato"  which actually translates to Cat. And now I'm wondering why that is,

    I just got to say that IllumiShare looks awesome. It will be a great way to cheat at poker games. Smiley But seriously, this is really what technology is meant to be.

    On the paying developers thing, I think that any form of incentive is great and honestly, with more that 12000+ apps, you will always find crap of sorts. But an incentive is just a way to inspire and to attract developers, it won't make anyone make an app for the sake of it, I don't think. Smiley

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    Also, a little suggestion. I watch the show on the Windows 8 app and there's no way to comment from there. If someone could pass that piece of feedback along I'd be forever grateful.

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    In Dutch, Tic-Tac-Toe is known as Butter, Cheese and Eggs.

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    Yakko Warner

    I'm finally getting caught up on my backlog of Channel 9 videos, and I have one burning question:

    What the heck happened to the time stamps in the show notes?!  I can't click to jump to that point in the video anymore?  Mad

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    @Yakko Warner:oops! I forgot to do the time stamps. They shall return!

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