Ping 174: Build conference, Xbox music streams, Farewell XP, Microsoft in Utah

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It's a special treat this week and we actually had Paul IN the studio, just like old times. He was in Seattle anyway- it's not like he came to Seattle just to visit Ping. He likes us, but let's not go overboard.

Build has been built  [04:10]

Xbox music streams  [11:59]

XP going buh-bye   [07:48]

PARTY in Utah!   [14:11]



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The Discussion

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    Based on the number of people that are interested in BUILD, i think conducting BUILD not once but in different states through out US would be good idea, by that way we can reach more audience.  


    Out of this 3 Builds, I didnt even get I chance to buy a ticket, Its full all the time. Thanks to Channel 9 for the shows.

    As for your Birthday, get your self a cool gadget and go back to work.  Good luck on your new business.


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    Back in LA, Paul should celebrate his birthday with a visit to La Brea Tar Pits, to hang with the other dinosaurs. Of course, I joke. Happy Birthday!

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    I guess I was lucky enough to watch the registration being open for about an hour (really need some friends to go with). Sadly my money went to a competition in Ireland and probably would prefer to go to some other events (TechEd, etc) over build.

    Xbox Music - we have been getting ads (or has it just been the windows 8 version)? I think I ended up watching the trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard about 40 times, and some other audio ads. I switch between Nokia music for more of a mix and Xbox when looking for particular songs/albums and artists, quite impressed with both after leaving spotify. Oh I see new ones from Targetspot.

    Happy birthday - enjoy some free time and perfect your naughts & crosses strategy, or move onto  connect 4, then Othello/Reversi then Chess. Depends how much free time you have after a foam party? Have a Foam party, that does sound good.

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    PAUL!  You sir are AWESOME.  You mentioned Brian Regan and his pizza/pie joke.  We discussed Brian Regan on YouTube in the past.

    Anyway..  Happy Birthday bro.  As for how to celebrate, hmm, perhaps a Kinect Sports party, wine coolers, and junk food.  Yeah, I'm lame.  Wink

    Microsoft stores, sadly, I have yet to go to one, but based on video and photos they look fantastic, colorful, and more fun than competing stores...  One chain of competing retail stores reminds me a hospital morgues or operating rooms; sterile, white, cold and a whole lot of blah..

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    Stop stop stop with the Justin Bieber talk please my ears are bleeding Mad

    On the XP ending I agree that companies should update. I updated my six years old laptop that was running XP to Windows 8 and it runs great. I do all my development on it now... Till I get an app that makes some money so I can buy a new one.


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    I agree with @Dirtbagg on JB, he is flooding the Norwegian media as the brainwashed girls are flooding our capital. 

    You find it closing sales of alcohol 1AM weird? I find it rather odd you even sell alcohol that early. Here in Norway, stores can't sell anything with alcohol after 8PM (or 6PM in the weekend) and alcohol over a certain percentage which I can not remember has to be sold in a special store which closes even earlier Big Smile

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    Finally XP is about to be retired.

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    I tried to Register for Build in the first 10 minutes of Registration, as an Indie, paying for my own tickets, and flights from the UK to LA. Unfortunately it took so long filling in questionaire, next of kin etc, that I did not get an early bird price, so gave up.

    Will have to sit and watch the Channel 9 Videos instead.

    Anyhow we are still wwaiting for a Microsoft store to open here in the UK, but they are still not selling Surface Pros here yet :(
    Sometimes I wonder why Microsoft are so slow at sacling out to worldwide markets. The competition seems able to take Worldwide Launches in their stride.

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    , magicalclick wrote

    Finally XP is about to be retired.

    More like euthanasised. 

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    @martinmine: The 1am is based on a religious thing. In the south in the US you can't buy liquor on Sunday till after 11 am.


    I would goto Build however I did not have the CASH to go, I live in Los Angeles also, Sad I guess I'll just have to watch it on channel 9

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    I'm going to Build and I'm paying for it myself. I'm pissed that I didn't get the early bird price because it took a few minutes for the website to go live after 9 AM PDT in my neck of the woods (at least that's my theory, I blame Azure replication.)

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    You should have even said - faster than this year's H1B quota got full, BUILD sold out Smiley

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    I'll be going to build this year again Smiley

    However, I am probably one of the few who will be paying for myself though Sad


    Last year I tried to get a pic with Laura at the hackathon but I couldn't because she was too busy and soooooooooo many people wanted to talk to her ><


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    I like to is Microsoft will E3 on channel 9. Because g4tv is gone forever and other channel may or may not aired it again.

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    @miknone: The Xbox Reveal on May 21st will be streamed live via the console or so they might do the same thing for their E3 content.

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    @IRB: It was my little brother who send that email to ping.  So sorry about last week email.

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