Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

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Sit back, relax and get ready to debate the most buzzworthy stories coming from Microsoft. Here's what's in store:

Switch to Windows Phone App for Android users

Forbes WiFi hotspot

Next Gen Xbox Announcement

Bing Offers


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The Discussion

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    Yakko Warner

    ...and, the time stamps are gone again.

    And the links are in a completely different order than the show.

    I'm starting to think this is a plot to make us watch the entire video, rather than being able to jump to our favorite point.

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    Yakko Warner

    The killer feature in the next Xbox would be Illumiroom!   Big Smile  There were some new videos about that today.

    But since it (reportedly) won't be ready for prime time when Durango launches, I'm going with the (rumored) ability for it to record gameplay and instantly share video.

    Although, considering all the rumors we've been hearing, I'll just be happy if it is backwards compatible, can still be played when my internet goes down, and lets me play used games.  Perplexed

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    It was my little brother who send you the email.  So sorry. 

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    It depends on what you mean by killer... For me, the killer feature would be not allowing used games, because it would kill my desire to upgrade. I buy 9 out of 10 games new, but I don't want to lose the option. I'm also not thrilled about the rumor of requiring the Xbox to always be online. Most people aren't fooled by the marketing speak on the subject. Always online is a vehicle for DRM.

    But, in the spirit of your request, I'm simply looking for more parity with the PC experience -- performance and graphics.

    On another topic, Microsoft needs to put out an update to the Channel 9 app that allows you to add comments.

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    I've always been a tech enthusiast but not a real gamer. But with all the Xbox hoopla I'm incredibly excited about whatever the next Xbox might bring to the table. For the first time. There's controversy around the Always-On thing but we still don't know what that even means. So I refuse to freak out over it.

    About the Android app, I've forced all my friends to install it with somewhat mixed to good results but overall I think is not a  terrible idea because we need all the exposure we can get. Now that Laura says so, I shall make them watch Hot Apps, and they shall like it.

    Much Love!

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    I hope there will be an ability to download content in the background. Also, I just hope Microsoft makes their servers a bit faster. Waiting seconds for a message to be sent while I'm playing Halo isn't exactly a good experience, same with waiting for the xbox menu to go away when I accidentally clicked the xbox button on my controller. As other people suggests, a way of streaming would also be fun Big Smile

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    Bing offers does looks interesting, and it works in the UK (sort of unless you try and tell it where you are). It already has massive competition in this space over here so im curious how successful it will be. Pretty has won people over before and its fairly snappy too... so just needs to start picking people up and actively support some other countries as locations. 

    I cant say I had noticed Bing Deals before though.

    Xbox - Im still waiting for a console to take me away from the PC. Immersive content features like the illumiroom could be that pull if it is successful but it would likely just end up on the PC as well?

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    I'm looking forward to news on the new Xbox and sure it would be good to have backwards compatibility but most folks who want that probably already have an Xbox 360 to play those games on.


    I definitely think it will have a new Kinect, Bluray will be great a well as a larger friends list.

    The illumiroom will be awesome but they have already mentioned that this is still WIP and won't be out with the new Xbox.


    Another great marketing campaign kicks off for Windows Phone, very funny:

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    My comment is about the Switch to Windows Phone App.  Don't hate, but I use a Droid 2 Global.  On the plus side, this means I can try this app.  I fall into one of the descriptions that Paul gave; a Droid user who is considering a Windows Phone.

    The app quickly ran and reported that it found matches for 82% of my apps.  It displays a neat little group of tiles (2hx4w) which change like live tiles displaying a small tile for each of the matches it found.

    Next it offers to save the list to the cloud and send an email reminder with instructions on how to get the apps on your Windows Phone.  This is where things start to get a bit buggy.  I got the email, but it was blank.  I went to the about page since that usually has links to contact the developers and sent an email to the address displayed.  My email was bounced back to me.

    As some one who is considering a Windows Phone as his next phone I really like the idea behind this app.  I have wondered how much of a pain it might be to try to locate the same apps on a Windows Phone that I normally use on my Droid.  While I thought the 2x4 grid was neat I would like to eventually see an actual list with links.  Maybe the list is suppose to show up in the email that was blank.

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    Most important feature of the new Xbox - cup holder.

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    "Wha' eur theur on-a-baar? Berf de? Ya wer waggin' it wernt thy."

    Still waiting for the spelling and grammer checkers and voice dictation software understand a thick Barnsley accent. Or South Yorkshire where in the a short travel you can have as many as 7-8 dialects. Each with it's subtle difference in meanings.

    Breadcake vs Tea-Cafe or What a Fish Cake? is has been cause of many a fight. 


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    Do you guys + girl know where I can get a drool guard for my keyboard?

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    The Forbes WiFi hotspot reminds me of the CW ad in Entertainment Weekly back in October that displayed live tweets on a small LCD screen embedded into the magazine.  I hope this trend continues and we start to see similar ads released to a wider audience.  I believe it was determined that the CW ad used refurbished blackberry devices to retrieve and display the tweets.  I don't know what device was used for the Forbes WiFi hotspot, but I think this is a great way to re-purpose refurbished devices.

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    Last week, Channel9 traffic got surged up to 631% because peeps kept coming back to check for the missing Ping episode. This is unforgivable!

    For me, the killer XBox feature is MS would release a native SDK for hobbyists; I would go out to buy the next XBox just becos of that. XNA just dun cut the mustard.

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    , shaovoon wrote

    Last week, Channel9 traffic got surged up to 631% because peeps kept coming back to check for the missing Ping episode. This is unforgivable!

    Brilliant. By not posting Ping, we could drive more traffic to Channel 9!  I'm surprised that my personal blog doesn't have more traffic.  Maybe I should post even less! Wink

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    For the next Xbox needs Blue ray.

    The "Switch tot Windows Phone" on the Play market has almost 700 reviews and it has a one star rating. Most people says it slows down their phone.


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    , PaulMest wrote


    Brilliant. By not posting Ping, we could drive more traffic to Channel 9!  I'm surprised that my personal blog doesn't have more traffic.  Maybe I should post even less! Wink

    That massive traffic is basically wasted: Nobody watches other Ch9 shows until they got their weekly Ping fix!!!

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    A killer feature for the next Xbox is a living room Teleconference Viewing Screen. The feature would integrate live TV, recorded TV, Video Game or Web Apps with multi-user skype video sessions for 2-way interactions in an easy-to-use collaborative way.

    The feature would ultimately turn a Living Room TV into something like the Star Trek Bridge Main Viewing Screen.

    I assume that Apple is working to do this with their future Integrated Apple TV product.


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