Ping 176: Windows Phone goes mainstream, Best ad ever, Facebook Beta app, MS exec makes a difference

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    Another great show. For me I tried Linux a few times on the nags of some of my friends, but always come to the conclusion that Linux has two big drawbacks:
    1. I have a set of applications that I'm used to and learning new ones is out of the questions... and of course there is no Visual Studio.
    2. Linux constantly wants attention and I don't want to give any time to the OS I'm on.

    So Win 7 is best for me... it's fast, silent and does the job the way it should. And that is also the thing why upgrading to Win 8 is out of the question for now... to much attention.

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    Erm Paul, that isn't quite what I said at all about backward compatibility :/


    I love my Windows Phone etc but I try and avoid the arguments about which is better etc, no one will ever win those. It is all about personal preference and there is no right answer.

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    • I'm liking the FB beta so far, aside from a few minor bugs. The metro design language has its place and I think works well but since FB is already an established brand it's fine to let it have its own feel. This has been true of the twitter app as well.
    • Best ad ever? False. This is the best ad ever:
    • I try to avoid flame wars irl but I have attempted to convince my wife to switch to Bing a few times. This is because she will look over my shoulder when the daily picture comes up and say how neat that is etc so I feel like she really should give it a try. I even made her take the challenge and I think bing won but only slightly so she still wouldn't switch. Being the home IT guy I did upgrade her to WIn8 when it came out. There was some frustration and gnashing of teeth for about a week and then she was mostly fine with it. Easy access to lots of free games in the store helped smooth things over.


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    Laura is so Sexy. More cleavage please!!

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    @Lexian: If this show is going to have more cleavage, it's going to come from Paul.

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    @dtower: Well, quite a few niners agree with me, lookie:



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    It was during 2nd grade in high school I had a discussions with one of the media teachers during an ICT class. The media class (and teachers) are fully iFanBoy, meaning they (almost) only use Apple devices for whatever they do during school and free-time. The teacher told me that on Mac you could create the most beautiful applications there was. I looked at a bit weird at him, turned around my laptop and said to him: "You see this program? It is called Visual Studio. With this you can basically create any application there is: everything from a cook book program for your mother or a web server." Probably the funniest discussion I ever had with an Apple fanboy.

    I'm happy to see that you guys are working on your Facebook app again. I remember my experience with the current Facebook application on my Lumia 800 was that it was plain slow. I did not see why the menus where lagging and why it took so long time to start the application and load stuff on it. It ended up for me to use other apps for Facebook which had some iframe-like integration of the web-version of Facebook. But it is nice to see it is finally getting worked on Smiley

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    I loved the phone wars commercial.  I just roll my eyes at these iDroid users.  (Did I just coin a new term - iDroid?)

    One thing that I think Microsoft needs to do (and it has little to do with its products) is that they need to produce more commercials that actually explains what people can do with its products.  (Microsoft has done more of this lately and I am glad.)

    I live in a big city where there are lots of people commute by train.  I think it would be a huge selling point if people saw that they could do real work as well on their commute using a tablet / convertible / Windows Phone in Microsoft Office.

    Highlight live tiles in a commercial.

    I found that a lot of my time is spent correcting the misinformation that's out there.

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    Recently I debate almost daily with my friends about this. but it gets really boring really fast so I now just do a "smoked by Windows Phone"-type thing. Then I just do like the great ones, drop the mic and walk off.

    I try to be kind through it all though, they've suffered enough. But seriously, everybody is entitled to use and like whatever it is they want. I just love these thing so I want them to do it too but I certainly won't fight them over it. Some people really get worked up. Smiley

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    Drop the contracts and go with T-Mobile you can get the Nokia 521 for 149.00 and $50 a month no contract service for Unlimited Text, Talk and 500 MB of 4g speed of unlimited data. For an additional $10 you can get 2 gig of 4g speed of unlimited data.

    I just share my knowledge of the product and let the individual make their own assessment. One thing I've recalled from college and other communication classes you can have a good discussion until someone says "I feel ....." that's when you call it quits.  

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