Ping 177: Female CFO, Barnes & Noble, Facebook App, Working at Microsoft

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    Hello again. Just to clarify, Facebook made Microsoft pull those apps but developers are able to rebrand their apps and resubmit them, which is what people like JDB Pocketware are doing. The apps will get to the Store again if the developers rebrand them in a way that doesn't infringe on Facebook's ToS.

    I don't really like to think about people's gender in regards to their body of work but if you think about it there's now Julie Larsen-Green, Tami Reller, and the new CFO sitting in very powerful positions within Microsoft, unlike some other companies. And of course, our very own Laura Foy. Wink I say cheers to them.

    Great show P&L. See you next week. Wink

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    Good show. The Nook is an android device so I don't see MS going after that directly. One interesting thing I heard about the Barnes and Noble rumor (I think from Paul Thorrott) is that it's not so much about the nook tablets themselves as it is about the college e-textbook business. I'm not sure what else to make of it though.

    I've never had a job I was embarrassed about or was crazy in a fun way. My history mostly consists of a long string of restaurant jobs until I graduated. Then I worked as a Developer at an ISP and then as a Developer at my current job. In a small way I guess I may regret the straight forward, obvious path I've taken to get here. It might be nice to have a more interesting past. On balance though I'm very happy with the way things have turned out. Maybe I'll have an interesting retirement.

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    It seems that the last link in the above is broken maybe? The "I want to work at Microsoft!   [T12:39}"

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    Thanks for the tip about Facebook beta app. I shall probably never use its standby screen background settings ever again as it seems to pick the most embarrassing ones possible! (or i need to set up a 'safe' album for it). There are still features that i need to use the browser version for but overall its a much better experience!

    Good news as always.

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    The first job I had out of school was doing CAD for a small builder.  I had the privilege to work on a Compaq Desktop with 32MB of RAM (super speed!).  The weird thing was they put my desk in like a hallway of sorts for the first couple months, and then later I got moved to the backroom.  It wasn't until I watched the movie "Office Space" that I realized I was their "Milton".  LOL

    Better off these days though working for a software firm in Indy.  Wear shirt, shorts, and Crocs daily.  Good times.  Smiley

    Where can I get one of those channel9 guys.  My desk looks lonely without one. Big Smile

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    Very exciting News for BN and MS. I can see it as a win-win for everyone in the party. I can see Nook android being phased out for the new RT. RT needed something to give it a boost. Riding the more powerful 7" tablet, BN can get more viewers on win8. Even the consumers, when they can get the tablet at ultra low cost. MS is a very smart buyer. Now all MS needs is a basketball team.

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    Whaa? Facebook wants all the 3rd party apps for Facebook away? But I always found using a 3rd party app for Facebook way better than the official one. When I was using my Nokia, I always used a Facebook client which embedded the webpage in the app. Simply because the Official app where lagging when I was scrolling, and was in general slow.

    I don't get how Apple is so high on that list. Out from rumors I have heard, the working conditions ain't really good in there. Maybe their workers gets paid to score good on that test? Smiley I would deff want to work in Microsoft when I'm done with my studies, one of my goals is to get over at Redmond and work there. So maybe I will see you in the future, Laura Wink

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