Ping 178: Xbox points, Microsoft Tattoos, Star Trek lands

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    hmmmm Windows 95 tattoo... I presume that would take a patch to cover it up

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    Bill Gates (duh), Scott Guthrie, Steve Wozniak and Kim Dotcom just to mention a few Smiley

    I don't hope MS is going to abandon the MSP system. Me, just as every other Norwegian loves traveling to Sweden to buy cheap food and stuff, and among those stuff is MSP Big Smile 

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    I was going to get the Windows NT Server logo on my arm back in the day. Generic Comment Image

    I do have a tattoo of an old beer pull tap though on my chest.

    The link with Star Trek and Microsoft is a great idea and about time.

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    No tattoo's for me, that just ain't how I roll.

    I can understand why MS introduced the points system as it gave a universal currency for buying items, a game in the US is the same cost as the UK, Australia, Japan etc
    The bulk purchasing of points in blocks reduced the charges per transaction, so there are not 10 2% charges when you by 10 $0.99 games. It is one charge to get X amount of points that allow you to buy 10 games.

    As a consumer however I can see the need for a real value amount instead of a strange translated value.


    Star Trek WOOOT!

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    Nice commentary at 5:00 - 5:12:

    Laura: "Many people work at Microsoft..."
    Paul: "Really...  they know I left right???"

    @following - I can't say I follow anyone really -- I just like to get weekly doses of MS news via Ping.  Big Smile  I used to follow some people, but it became white noise after a while of everyone tweeting and retweeting the same info.

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    Philip Saunders

    you know we all want to see the desk in the hallway now :)

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    I'm a huge Star Trek fan, I hope they'll add Kronos script to the Windows 8 Bing Translator (the Microsoft Translator) program/app soon.  Smiley

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