Ping 179: Xbox One, LeapMotion, Win 8 training, NFL & MS

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    I was lucky to get one of the preview Leap Motion devices and have had some great fun 'playing' with it.


    BTW There is already SDK support for

    • Mac OS 10.6 and higher
    • Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS and higher

    (Still waiting for the developer SDK to work with Windows 8 apps though) 

    There is also software support for

    • C++ on Windows: Visual Studio 2008, 2010, and 2012
    • C++ on Mac: Xcode 3.0+, clang 3.0+, and gcc
    • Objective-C: Mac OS 10.7+, Xcode 4.2+ and clang 3.0+
    • C# for .NET framework versions 3.5 and 4.0
    • Mono version 2.10
    • Unity Pro version 4.0
    • Java versions 6 and 7
    • Python version 2.7.3
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    Leap Motion would be awesome, you could almost feel like Iron Man, but then again the same could happen with Kinect Big Smile

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    @LeapMotion versus Kinect -- As much as I see a great business use for the LeapMotion, I think that developing for the Kinect has more potential as it has already been shown use for like "Kinect for the Blind" ( in the past couple years.  With the new set of features for the Kinect we should see some very creative uses of it.

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    I wonder if MS will cover the 'micro' area with the next Kinect before Leap has a chance to dominate that area?

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    Ever since I saw the first EVER video demo of the LeapMotion, I wondered how long until I can buy a laptop/tabled/phone with a build-in leap motion sensors. Can you imagine the possibilities and new applications? it would be so cool ... Open the laptop and use a "secret" hand gesture to unlock it, can't wait !!!!!

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    Two yutes

    I plan on grabbing a Leap for usage, but I'd say I'm slightly more intrigued programming wise by the Kinect.

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    The Leap is interesting but I'm much more excited by the new Kinect. It does so much more.

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    why is the Kinect SDK so old?   Needs all flavors of win8 support.

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    I just wanted to comment on why backward compatibility on the Xbox One is an issue for me and my family.

    I've previously not really cared about backwards compatibility in any past system, including the Xbox 360, but for the Xbox One, with the integration of Kinect 2 needing to always be attached, are we expected to have BOTH Kinect sensors attached to the top of our TV's for those of us who have the Xbox 360 and play games that have Kinect 1 integration?

    Case in point, I have a 21 month old daughter who LOVES the 'Kinect Sesame Street TV' interactive experience. Since the Xbox One won't be backward compatible, I'll need to keep the Kinect 1 on top of my TV alongside the new Kinect 2. I have a decent sized 42" HDTV, but even still, I'm not going to want to have TWO Kinect sensors above the TV just to be able to play games on both systems.

    Sure - you could argue that I should just put the Xbox 360 and the Kinect 1 into another room on a different TV. I just don't want to separate where we play games as a family. It is going to be really awkward to have to go upstairs to play Xbox 360 games with my daughter (and also need to set up a space where the Kinect 1 would actually register the movement of a 3 foot tall person, which is hard enough as it is), and then go back downstairs to play new Xbox One experiences with her.

    Maybe I'm making it out to be worse than it really will be, but I'm just not excited to have two different Kinect sensors above my TV to be able to play everything my family loves to do (Kinect Sesame Street TV, Dance Central 3, Fruit Ninja, The Gunstringer, etc.).

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    I probably won't program for either the Kinect nor the LeapMotion, but If I were it would be for the Kinect.

    Also Having the Xbox one being backwards compatible would be a very smart thing to do, and I hope they change their minds on it.

    @Laura10 I will post my beer tab tattoo if I can get a little Niners guy or a couple of Channel 9 stickers...

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    Programming for Kinect 2.0 looks like it would provide a better range of experiences.


    I don't think I would use the Leap Motion on a Pc despite it looking cool as I can get too animate at times on the Pc and I don't want it randomly selection/moving/deleting stuff :/


    Really looking forward to the Xbox One and I hope the NFL on Xbox comes to the UK!! But I fear it will not due to stupid exclusive deals here Sad boo

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    @lfoy - Where is show 180?

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    Best part.. Laura - "So AdamEvery commented.." Paul corrects her..  "Actually It's AlanEvery"... Laura - "That's what I said.." ... Paul just bows out and says "Yeah ok perfect." and gives up the debate.. I am going to use that in a meeting next when the business owners say the specifications wrong 3 times in the meeting... Yeah ok perfect.  Love it!  Love the show!

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    Wow, she's really annoying.

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