Ping 18: Ballmer apologizes, Paul Allens latest move, Surface fun, Security Beta

Play Ping 18: Ballmer apologizes, Paul Allens latest move, Surface fun, Security Beta
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The boys took over this week and it's clear we have a bro-mance in the making. If you've ever wondered what guys talk about when they're you know:

Paul Allen makes it big!
Ballmer makes a boo boo
Surface gets even cooler...
Real DaVinci footage
Security Beta



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The Discussion

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    Nice show! Love it, relaxing

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    Paul, you're back!  Max, you're well!  Laura I miss you!  Yes, the boys came out to play today, sans adult supervision Smiley

    Thanks for mentioning the security, downloaded it but haven't installed it quite yet.

    The only thing which could've made the episode more fun to watch would've been open beer.  That won't happen, for obvious reasons (we don't want you two to lose your jobs).

    Perhaps all three hosts/co-hosts could do an episode like news cast?  Laura can host, and Max and Paul can have feature stories, or something like that.  Whatcha think?

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    Thanks, glad you liked it Smiley.

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    We have DX 11 coming, much more exciting than a console Wink Screw the Xbox.

    Windows 7 will be fun. If only Ultimate were not so expensive and in limited quantity. Booting off a VHD would be swwweeeeeeet.

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    Excelente casa niños.

    Where's Jimmy Fallon? "MOVE!!!"

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    Jimmy Fallon

    This is Jimmy Fallon, and yes, I do watch Channel 9.

    I am a HUGE (and I'm talking about HUGE) gamer. And for me, C9 is a good place to keep an eye on Project Natal.

    Mr. Max, you want to challenge me in what now? Do you want to use Natal to play a game of chess? No? Do you want to Natal to see which one of us can finger paint the best?

    Let's wait until you're healed up and we can do a real challenge. How much longer before your sprained pinky toe heal? HAHA Smiley


    Being a HUGE celeb does have its privileges. I have  the real low-down on whether or not there's a new Xbox coming out next year. The official word is "no".  That's all I'm allowed to say   Wink

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    Avatar X

    I am wondering if it really was the actual Jimmy Fallon. but considering that he has showed up in Engadget and the kind of crazy messages he posts in Twitter could be.

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    hey, im also born in 83 Tongue Out and also a multithousandaire

    also, jimmy did you get that natal kuda promised? Smiley

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    Ballmer's ad could actually still work... if just Reversi would be in Windows again... Tongue Out

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    We definitely have a 3 host mega show in the works Smiley


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    Oh snap... so that means we'll need to get boxes for both of you to stand on?? Wink

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    laura i miss u

    if so the next episodes i wont going to watch


    why u didnt be there in this show


    anyhow nice show today especially the security staff

    and really great question from u max (i think linux is full secure)

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    I'll be there for the next one Athman Smiley

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    ReCkeSs ROHIT

    Huumm the microsoft security essentials seesm to be fun to work with it has been working very good since i downloaded it

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    Since you mentioned Natal, I've been wondering if it will be programmable through XNA?

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