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    Damn you Microsoft for getting rid of gaming one night stands!

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    I think people miss the 'Start' button for what it did in Win7 (shows you your programs, docs, computer, etc), not just having a button there. Having a button there that takes you back to the 'Metro'/'Modern'/'Tile Land'/'Tile World' I think misses what people were really complaining about. But maybe that's just me.

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    Whooops +1 (Y)
    Button/Menu with recent programs, recent documents is mandatory!
    without that, for persons who are everyday working with files and running programs - this "MSDOS 8" this useless - as all times it is needed to make 10 more clicks + search with explorer or do whatever magic, to find your files and to get your work done...

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    G'day. Love the show. Laura's personality always breaks a smile on my face.

    Xbox resale is very bad when you consider the competitions sharing and resale are unrestricted. People who watch money when buying games may switch because of this alone.

    As a desktop Windows user only. I'm not going to repeat what all desktop users are screaming other than to say bring on update 8.3 where the start menu and metro apps are on the desktop in windows where we want them.

    Im a big fan of the Xbox One and may well get a console for the first time just for the TV / Media functionality if it pans out how I hope. For gaming I cant bring myself to leave the mouse and keyboard that suit my games far better. I am glad that consoles have moved closer to PC's so that cross platform games now will have more access to use the storage and memory available on PC's that the last gen console where crippled with.

    Sorry for the negativity. I love the show and have watched it from the start. Microsoft has just made some controversial choices that will have to platy out now.

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    VS 2013?  I like updated software with the best of them, but MS usually doesn't go from year to year.  Maybe they can follow EA's model with their games like Madden Football whereas the versions from previous years get super cheap if you're willing to use an older version.

    @Publishers reselling games - I think that MS needs to distance themselves from the Publishers that choose to lock their games and prevent resell because just by allowing it to happen, MS may get stuck holding the bag of public opinion.  This would directly affect resell-game companies like GameStop and rentals like GameFly and RedBox.  I'm not for it as I never buy new games at their $60 price tag and wait till months or years later to pick up a game.

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    Excellent to see Paul back in the studio, enjoy your holiday/trip.


    The Xbox One looks great to me, I can see where people would worry about the DRM but that isn't a problem for me and the additional features it brings like sharing with family is fantastic. Sadly however the internet complainers have killed this as MS have now backtracked to keep those grumblers happy. Thanks internet! NOT.


    Windows 8.1 looks like it will deliver a good selection of improvements driven by customer feedback and that is great, looking forward to getting it installed after BUILD.

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    300+ different people in my phone, 4.000+ friends on the Facebook and countless of Twitter followings and followers... I'd rather not have their pictures constantly flashing on my P.C. on my Windows Phone it was great to a certain extend, but I like the 2 (¿Windows Live Messenger?) People more (to see, not that I actually like them more, L.O.L.), and my Fiancée is the only person I actually want to see, so I've pinned her to my start-screen.

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