Ping 185: Xbox One launch titles, Bing in schools, Windows Phone unlocks your car, Delta gets Windows Phones

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You could choose to talk about Mark's fabulous collection of orange shirts- which is nothing short of divine- or you COULD choose to discuss these buzz worthy topics:

Xbox One Launch Titles  [03:02]




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The Discussion

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    My nephew going into seventh grade had to buy a Surface RT for his school books.

    This is in Riverside CA, I don't think this is a good think because he is known to go off into his own world Expressionless

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    @Dirtbagg: The school required him to purchase a Surface RT?

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    @Laura10:Yes, the school required him to purchase one.

    BTW: my wife loves the one I got for her.

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    I care not for games, just want to check out the tv control once MS has Sky TV listings on board... although I don't know how it will fair against my current speech enabled tv (media centre + the amulet speech remote, which is kick *)

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    Just to clarify Mark, not everyone can earn Bing rewards points, it is only available to you 'mericans! Sad


    The GM phone app is pretty cool, but now if you lose your phone you lose your car as well :/

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    I got the Surface RT for my wife (since it came with a version of Office), but I will say that I had to splurge for the mechanical keyboard for her since she does more typing then just on Facebook Wink.

    @MS Maker Bot - Since there wasn't a link:  Unfortunately, have to drive from Indy to check it out (for the Ch9 guy).

    @Xbox One Games - for someone that grew up playing coin-op games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct, I'm looking forward to the Killer Instinct title coming to the console. Smiley

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    For the first 40 seconds, Ping felt like an episode of Seinfeld. Tongue Out

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