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Ping 186: Xbox Money, Windows 8.1, Pitbull loose, Skype goes 3D

12 minutes, 24 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Orange you glad it's time for another episode of Ping? Banana.


Real Money, no Points [02:24]

Windows 8.1 released to hardware partners  [04:08]

Pitbull in a Microsoft Store!  [06:18]

Skype birthday - going 3D  [08:39]


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  • LexoLexo

    Where the hell is PAUL!!!!

  • Don't take this the wrong way Mark but you are too nice to Laura, I miss Paul antagonizing Laura. Please oh please correct her pronunciation of a word just once. You should be talking about Nokia in your next episode so you have no excuse to disappoint.

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    Paul was a good host and he had a good run but it's time to just let go and move on. These things happen sometimes. Long distance interaction is tricky and while it worked pretty well I do appreciate having Mark in studio. He's doing a fine job.

    Also, really like the 8.1 preview and wish I could run the rtm bits now instead of waiting for Oct but it's not being put on MSDN Sad



    I kind of liked the MS points, but alas they are no more.


    Windows 8.1 is a good update to W8 and adds some nice features and tweaks that are much needed. The Start button really doesn't do anything though other than make the "hot corner" more visible so I am sure a lot of people won't be happy still. I'm really enjoying the tweaks.


    Well as I hate 3D films, I'm not sure I am looking forward to 3D Skype.

  • Matthew Greenmatt4446 Bounce

    8.1 preview - as a whole is an improvement? In some ways. It certainly needs polishing and would be good to see more app supporting the variable width. Multiple apps running is finally here (pinned to sides of the screen, so I can have the Twitter and Skype visible at the same time). Clicking on left screen start button brings up the start screen on the left, and same for the right screen which can be useful. The biggest problem I have with it is the simplification of the search. The search on the 'desktop' presumes you only have two tasks 1. Find files 2. Search the web

    Windows 7 search (for program and files - in the start menu) was good, easy to use and brought back expected results.

    Windows 8 search I loved. It had the sections and apps to select to search through as well. Searching for settings was bliss as it highlighted the section if it found something in the settings. Searching for a song was easy. Search, click on the music app and off it goes and brings back a list of relevant songs.

    Windows 8.1 search was annoying and took away / made more difficult searching. It lacked everything useful in 7 out of 10 of my searches. Searching for a setting was not obvious, its default search was for 'everything' (everything that doesn't cover settings, or local apps). Searching for settings had been relegated to a drop down. The visualization of 'there could be results relevant here!' has perished (I'm hoping it comes back to the original mode in RTM). Searching for music became a different task. You would have to start at the app and then work out how to search and go.

    I didn't roll back to plain 8 so I feel there is still hope. Perplexed

    Next time anyone on the show is off on Holiday take a channel 9 guy. Track its Journey, then so we know when its back Smiley Mark is filling in quite nicely though.

  • Justin M. SalvatoJustin​MSalvato Microsoft junkie

    12 minutes short...  No Paul... 


    Is this show getting cancelled?


    You do realise Paul doesn't work for Microsoft anymore? No doubt he will stop doing these and a new host will need to be found.

  • Anyone else find it funny that the person who hosts a video show on the Internet prefers not to interact with video and or voice?

  • Justin M. SalvatoJustin​MSalvato Microsoft junkie

    IRB, we all know he doesn't work for Microsoft, but here's the thing; he stills knows what's going on in tech circles, is very knowledgeable, and people like him. 

  • Justin M. SalvatoJustin​MSalvato Microsoft junkie

    @SheldonS:funny?  Odd is more like it Scared

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