Ping 187: Microsoft isn't stupid, NFL hits, Skype with your eyes, Xbox One date announced

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    Microsoft should have a least included playing Madden during the commercial. Look I love football and I realize that Fantasy Football is big, but the commercial, just did not hit home with me. Who in their right mind, would answer a skype call from someone, wanting to gloat about their Fantasy Football picks, beating yours (that was my impression from the video). Completely disgusted by my Chargers losing last night, I wouldn't answer a phone call, let alone a skype call. IMO Microsoft missed the mark on the commercial, and one simple thing would have fixed it. PLAY A DAMN GAME! Madden 25 would have been perfect.

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    To fix the Skype issue, could you just position the picture of the person you are calling at the top below the camera so it looks like you are looking at them?


    Go RAMS!


    Got my Xbox One pre-order in the day it became available. Picking up Forza 5, RYSE, Watch Dogs and possible Dead Rising 3 from the Launch list. Titanfall and The Division when they arrive.


    EDIT: The free FIFA 14 is only for European folks (like me) who have a Day One edition. They really should have had a similar deal in the US, though I'd happily swap that for Madden.


    EDIT 2: NFL Fantasy football app is also on the 360, you just log in with your fantasy football account and everything is there. It is on the Surface too Smiley

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    There seems to be one thing left to replace Paul, and that's to remove Paul off the landing page and add Marks info =)

    Laura Foy (@lfoy) and Paul Mestemaker (@PaulMest) dish out cool and interesting news based on what Microsofties are pinging each other about over IM, email, Twitter, and Facebook

    should be

    Laura Foy (@lfoy) and Mark DeFalco (@MarkDeFalco) dish out cool and interesting news based on what Microsofties are pinging each other about over IM, email, Twitter, and Facebook


    and change the Authors on the right =D.


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    In other news : XBox One Releases on my Birthday Big Smile, not in my region though Sad

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    @MarkDeFalco Now we know why you wear orange all the time.

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    I had an idea years ago for a pinhole camera right in the centre of the screen.


    They called me crazy.



    Whose crazy now?

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    Ok I agree Mark is way too nice and he got railroaded into orange !.

    Don't let Laura tell you how to dress mate. 

    Happy B'day Skype. I missed your young P2P performance. /wave NSA.

    I patent kinect facelift skype. 




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    That's what MS Research really needs to work on - making you look better than you actually are when you Skype the person you met online for the first know, incorporate 'Perfect365' app logic real-time in Skype calls.

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    I'm still in disagreement on those that pronounce Nokia "knock-eya" considering many of the sites out there say it's "Noh-key-uh" (  Even during the duration of this episode there where slips to the version we all say.  "knock-eya" just sounds weird.  Wink

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