Ping 188: Cortana for all, Nokia wins, IMAP support, iPad trade ins

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This is a week you won't want to miss! Make sure to add your thoughts below on the show and these stories:

Cortana coming to the Windows Phone?  [03:04]

PCMags' biz choice award goes to....  [05:56]

Imap support is here!  [07:54]

Trade in your Ipads  [11:02]




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The Discussion

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    Richard Simpson

    Great episode guys! I really do hope they keep the Cortana name. It's all too appropriate.

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    Really like the Cortana idea. I do hope there would be a choice of voices like in a car nav system. I usually go with sexy-british-lady but Cortana would also be nice.

    Also glad to hear they are going to wait until it's revolutionary and not just evolutionary. Current systems I've seen I probably wouldn't use that much even though they seem cool. On the other hand that does turn up the pressure a notch or two to deliver something amazing, which I guess is also good.

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    @Richard Simpson: Love the avatar pic. So very Sophisticated Saturdays.

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    So a huge nerf bat is needed to swing .Striking down somebody that doesn't agree.

    The nerf bat of mass destruction. OMG it is a BFG.

    I feel my days numbered. I face digital death with caps on. Sad


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    I see the Ping home page is updated Big Smile , and I changed my avatar. Not sure if this is better  Tongue Out

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