Ping 19: BingTones, SilverLight & Xbox join forces, Win7 guides, IE8 controversy

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All three hosts hopped behind the podium this week to wax philosophical on the Microsoft happenings of the week. And then somehow, that lead to quite a bit of singing. Bad, bad singing. Plus these stories :

Xbox live sees the Light...SilverLight
Using vomit to pimp IE8
BING-tones! Yaaaaaay!
Touring Windows 7
Ashton Kutcher loves Bing

We hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July! Now, get back to work Smiley



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The Discussion

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    Laura, Paul, and Max,

    Awesome show, I enjoyed the random singing and Bing ring-tones.  I'm going to set those as my new mail noise and see how long before someone threatens my life Smiley

    Paul, nice glasses, you must be recovering from the 4th of July weekend.  Dig the shades, they add a bit of, "je ne sais quoi".

    I would be really cool to use Silverlight on the XBOX, not sure if I'd start to play games, but I'd love to take some of those simple silverlight games and play them on my TV, then was done by Tess Fernandez link and it would be neat to play that in HD!

    The Windows 7 videos are not as dry as the Apple videos, however, the Apple videos are short (less than 60 seconds), and accomplish one thing, say, create a new mail contact.  At least you guys don't call yourselves geniuses.  I've been to an Apple store; they are knowledgeable, but far from geniuses.

    Again (positive reinforcement) kepp up to good work.  Max, check your inbox Smiley

    @Edit: To anyone who may be wondering, I did recieve an email from Max, thanks buddy for your help, I'm now shopping for components, seeing if I can beat my original budget Smiley

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    Could someone care to explain to me why I can watch and download these videos in Opera, but not in Internet Explorer? I mean, usually it is the other way around... especially on a microsoft site Perplexed Not good...

    The link I get for this particular video is and all I get when I try to open it in IE is an ugly Internet Explorer cannot display this website. In Opera the link works fine.

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    I definetely got my story from Laura Smiley

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    link works for me Smiley using ie8

    cool ep, the bing tunes rocks Smiley

    also.. if people are offended by simply saying the word mastrubation, im sure they are offended by the concept of puke Tongue Out its all silly imo Wink

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    Okay that ringtone is going to be driving someone nuts Big Smile

    I suggest merging it with the Crank ringtone

    Crank 2 - a new level of absurdity

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    Take the sun glasses off Paul. You're indoors.

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    Awesome Episode, keep up the good work folks!

    Dmitry Lyalin, Consultant and Podcaster
    Connected Show Podcast for Developers

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    Haha... yeah, I was in "Vegas mode" and wearing them as a joke... then we started filming and I didn't think I should take them off for the different segments. 

    ...I do like the look, though! Wink

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    I knew it!  Wink

  • User profile image

    Somebody smack Max upside the head.

    Maybe he can do it for charity.

    I'll pay $5 to see it.


  • User profile image

    Ha!  What did I do now?? Tongue Out

  • User profile image

    The clapidy clapidy bit. Very annoying!

  • User profile image

    Wondering if the "Supersecret project" Paul is working on might have something to do with the announcement next week.

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    You've been wearing that shirt... now that's just wrong... Tongue Out

    Can I have a high resolution copy of the 'vomiting' ad? I think it's funny. Apparently, someone pulled it from YouTube.

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    ok i am against all the commenter


    first i knew those ringes since it been produce (after opening of the site)

    second why sunglasses in the room

    third 2 in eah episode will be good(laura must be one of them)

    forth i want u to include photos and videos from imaginecup celebrity for this year




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    I liked this Ping, but I think Paul should do a segment on SQL Server performance tuning. That would rock!



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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    i dont understand silverlight Sad


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