Ping 192: Super cool hires, meet Xbox ONE, Hover returns, Bing kills it

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The Discussion

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    Can you change shirt colors? orange is way too much for me, I feel blinded by that bright orange color, I think you might get more views if you use a color that is less bright !!

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    Congrats BTW Laura Smiley

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    I still think the TV in the Bing Halloween should be tuned to Channel 9.

    @Jose, what is wrong with more bright colors?

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    I knew if I yelled poltergeist loud enough you would hear me.

    Liked this years Halloween movie. It wasn't as dark as last years.

    Also, ignore Jose. Orange is the new black.

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    @8SheldonS8  I don't mind orange but I think the shirt is way to bright, why not switch to red?


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    @jlcard I thought Scott Guthrie had the copyright to red polos at Microsoft.

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    So where in the world is Paul now??  This guy is quite a world traveler.

    Laura, I mentioned it on your Halloween video page, but thanks for the Celine Dion diss.  Made me smile Smiley 

    I need a job at Microsoft.  I have no skills what-so-ever, so I need some ideas to get hired.  So Laura & Mark, gimme some ideas.  I will try anything.. legal.


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    Cloudy with a chance of Zombies is really cool Big Smile

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    @Studio Digs - Did you have to kick someone out of their office?  Smiley

    @Bing Halloween - I believe the movies were Psycho (shower), Halloween (ghost w/ glasses), The Shining (girls), Poltergeist (TV), Friday the 13th (head on table), and Amityville.  It was definitely great to see the Bing team go all out this year. Devil

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