Ping 195: Satya is the new CEO, Super Bowl Commercial, Education Offers, Foursquare Investment, and the Olympics on Azure

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    Gotta say LOVE the reference to Pet (Still remember them VACUUMING the keyboards in high school to get them working)

    Absolutely.   COOLEST commercial done.   Very unifying.  Thumbs up !

    ....and a Double thumbs up to Satya Nadella.   I was very impressed with how open he was in trying to resolve the issues with the Community.    This could be a very interesting change in the winds for Microsoft.  :)

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    Intro video is awesome =D

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    I may have missed this some where but where is Lauara?

    I liked the Sea Hawks Jerseys. The green on them didn't cause to much of a problem. 

    I liked the Microsoft Super Bowl add. Microsoft does a lot of cool things. I don't know if people know all the cool stuff they do. so it was good to see some of it on tv. 

    The new CEO is a snappy dresser.

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    DJ DeBois

    What happened to Laura Foy. Not that we don't like Rick or anything, but WHAT HAPPENED TO LAURA FOY!?!?!

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