Ping 197: Breaking records for nonprofits, Officially OneDrive, Nokia Treasure Tag, New Bing Apps, and ZOMBIES!

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The Discussion

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    The VR device is really cool (zombies always help of course). 

    @TrappedByZombies - My weapon of choice would be "Ol' Painless" Handheld M134 Minigun (as seen in Predator) I would probably have a Katana sword secondary weapon just in case some zombies weren't mince meat from the Ol' Painless(6)

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    @TrappedByZombies - My primary weapon of choice would be fast food because every one ells around here is dying from the heart disease it causes.  My second weapon of choice would be to give all the zombies a pack of cigarettes. That stuff kills. Third weapon I would have is a shot gun. 

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    So - which one isn't the fashionable color? (~8:40)


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    I'd have to go with a freeze ray gun so I don't get a bunch of zombie gore on me. Then I'd get out of the ally and get back in my tank. Why was I out of my tank?

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