Ping 198: Plants vs Zombies, BBM and Photoshop Express for WP, Twitch on Xbox, The Garage and more Xbox

Play Ping 198: Plants vs Zombies, BBM and Photoshop Express for WP, Twitch on Xbox, The Garage and more Xbox

The Discussion

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    If I had a garage and time to use it I'd make a robot that would patrol my yard while gently and humanely keeping the neighborhood cats from digging up my flower beds and garden.

    Something I'd like for the xbox one would be a little more interactivity. I like that it says hi when it sees me but it would be really cool if there was some small reaction if I say hi back. It's a fine line for sure; too much interactivity would be a bit creepy but right now it just seems too one sided.

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    For starters don't stop after the 200 as the show is just becomeing interesting again.

    Fot the garage I would build that would rule the world buaahahahaaaaa. ,)

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    I wish they would turn the Xbox One into more of a central place for all information - not sure why they don't have a weather app ("xbox whats the weather for tomorrow"), mail app ("xbox open mail from xyz"), calendar app ("xbox whens my next meeting").  How cool would it be that while Im playing Titanfall, a notification would pop up telling me I better leave in 10 minutes to make a meeting that is going to take me 30 minutes to drive to based on current traffic.

    The convergence of the Win8 world with xbox would be amazing and something Apple or Google couldn't touch.

    "Xbox, is black a color?" 

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    You could add Cortina to XBox one to remind you of stuff like @developkc:was asking about. I think having xBox telling you to stop playing Titanfall and goto work :|

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    @Garage - I would develop an add on for the Xbox platforms that would allow parents to turn on a "no bad words" setting that could automatically detect and silence voice words from gameplay.  This way, when my 8yo son plays Halo 4, I don't have to worry as much about the language.  (Halo 4 isn't a big offender as say like Left 4 Dead 2, etc.)   This could also change the rating perhaps of some games from M to Teen if language was a main obstacle for the rating (if proven to work of course). 

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