Ping 199: Bill Gates, Pixel Art, Windows XP, BeerRangers and Yoga

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The Discussion

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    @xbox - thanks for having the obligatory Xbox segments.  Even though I haven't been able to pony up for an xbox one, I still like the commentary.

    @bill-gates-question - That is a tough one as well.  First, I'd ask if I could have more questions after I ask my first question, but I guess that is a question in itself. :S  If I only had one question, then I'd ask on how he got into philanthropy along with his goals for the future from it.

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    Polio Eradication is a top priority of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it appears that in the next few years the goal will likely be met - what is the next disease that the foundation will take on. Do you see it being eradicated in your lifetime?

    Do you believe that major investments in 'growable organs (hearts, lungs, skin, etc)' should be made given the religious aspects of the discussion. Do you foresee a time when organs no longer have to be donated, but can be custom made as needed?
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    Friends don't let friends use XP


    Meeting Bill Gates would be awesome =D

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    That's cute how Rickster thinks he's making "beer".

    How about a 30 minute discussion with Mr Bill what he thinks is the best beer?
    I'll provide the samples!

    Greetings from Belgium ;-)

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    @XP The only reason I still have an XP VM running... To run my Mavis Beaconn 25th edition tyoping so I can type better ;)

    Other than that my computer are running Windows 8.1 and my parents computers are running Windows 7

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    Why thankyou Bob and Golnaz, you guys are looking fit too. I do Yoga and Swim. And you? 

    For those who don't get this go press pause at the end of the show.

    i wonder if the beer friendly exercise phobic programmer really is a stereo type? Sounds like a question only Ping could get answered!

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