Ping 20: Google Chrome, Silverlight 3, MS answers, questionable ad gets pulled

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    Big Smile This was definitely the best episode yet. Btw I hope that the Channel 9 Silverlight player is going to get Smooth Streaming from Silverlight 3 really soon

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    now,, in the intreset of fairness, i gotta ask max to slap laura and paul in the next ep Wink

    also, chrome os to be the end of microsoft? ppfffft.. there are already light OS:es out there that does this. the asus eepc comes with a light os mainly targeted at browsing and such, and guess what? microsoft is still here Smiley also, consider this, whatever you can do in chrome os you can do already in chrome  or any other browser today... and do you think they'll let you change browser? or even search provider? not bloodly likely.. not to mention that chrome os isnt even closed to beta and will be mor elikely to compete with windows 8 rather than win 7 Tongue Out

    i think the web only mentality is a little off target.. why are all these twitter clients popping up if the browser is so great? because users want rich, fast experences and the generic browser + javascript just cant do that as well as client/ria frameworks.

    i think people confuse the web with the browser. a twitter client is also a browser, but more specialized, i'd argue that any program that talks to the web is a browser. in that sense silverlight and flash are also browsers, they are just hosted in another browser Tongue Out ..anyway.. rambled passed the point there i guess Smiley

    @hard drive weight
    yeah thats a lot of ..por*cough*.. data Tongue Out


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    Awesome  Smiley

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    So what is the Monday announcement?  Is is Office 2010 preview?

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    Google's OS, OK, well, I guess this was an eventuality.  Apparently web ads aren't enough; we need to have banner space in our living rooms too.  I think in some respects the Google OS is almost a direct response to Live Search, which is now Bing Search.  Microsoft entered that market, and now Google is responding, in their way.  The one thing I will give Google is when they commit to something, it’s quite awesome.   Chrome for example, came out quite quickly, and for a v1 product, was really good.  Didn't have some stuff, but hey, they will get there.

    In some respects I wish that Microsoft would spend more time on web standards in IE than things like "accelerators".  Nice feature, but rendering pages correctly is more important to me.  Perhaps integrating MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) in IE is an option Smiley.

    I don't think Google OS will appeal to my Mom or Dad, they are still Mac and Windows users respectively.  For coders, hackers, etc, and those of the like, those geeks enjoy controlling all the "metal" in their pockets, and will tweak the heck out of it.  Good for them, Google will capture this market.

    I think YouTube should switch to Silverlight, maybe then my browser won't crash as much Smiley.  I personally blame Flash for 90% of browser "embarrassment".

    Slapping Max?  Ok, you guys may need supervision in the future.  Max you are not annoying, just gregarious.

    p.s. could guys should make an h264 version for the iPhone, so I can watch you from Vancouver later this week Smiley

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    The video do stream on iPhone using..... Smiley

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    I'll have to check, but our videos are available in h264 already and should play on the iPhone

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    I just checked and the iPod(mp4) download is in fact h.264

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    Is your statement about there is price to free hold true for Micrsoft or any other company affiliated with it that offers free web services and tools or only those that compete with MS?

    Saying that privacy is gone when user uses Google tools is FUD. They are as much obliged and commited to protect users privacy as any other company. 

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    well am so thrilled by watching this episode


    well laura u fall from my eye by this stupid question


    and max u have a remath next episode a handicap one ( you against laura and him)


    and abt the google OS i think only the internet only users an benefit with it ( maybe i will try it sometime)


    i asked u before and now again i want news on imaginecup of this year to be in ur show next episode please




    and here is my question and i want u to answer it next week

    my dvd-rw is damage in my laptop

    is there any way to format and  install  windows without need to dvd rom and how

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    What! Max is leaving....  NOOOOO!!!   Max is my Hero...

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    Laura10 said:
    ...and then since you asked for it, we slapped Max Smiley
    I LOL'd.

    Oh and for the record, hard drives may really get heavier if a certain type of data is written to them. Modern hard drives use perpendicular recording which records in a 90 degree angle towards the platter. This means if you somehow achieve to write data to the drive that would magnetize the platter in the same direction, you can inflict magnetic resonance towards the earth. Though, this weight increase or decrease is far too low for anyone to ever notice.

    warjan said:
    Saying that privacy is gone when user uses Google tools is FUD. They are as much obliged and commited to protect users privacy as any other company. 
    Protecting your privacy means for a company to not share relevant information wth a third party. It does not mean Google may not use it for its own purposes.

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    So is your privacy gone when you log into GMail and data of your e-mails is interpreted by AdSense system? I don't think so. Google has no right to identify you, data is "harvested", but it is all done anonymously. So saying when you go Google way your privacy is gone is stretch or the thing I mentioned in my previous post Smiley.

    It is just the same with any other ad system - when you go to a webpage it can show you ads for your locale.

    Anyway, I know that some may be uncofomortable with ads in GMail being related to the mail, but it's done anonymously so your privacy isn't gone and please don't even suggest that - it is evil to do. 

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    Max is right about the free thing.  Everything comes with a cost, and giving out your personal info (name, email, company name,etc.) is light $100+ dollars in the "third-party info sharing world"


    The developer vs. designer clip is awesome...LOL


    Hey, where can I get one of those foam niners?


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    I like the “triumvirate”. I think you have a much better discussion with 3 than with 2 people.

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    Comment removed at user's request.

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    I would recommend that Laura Hesit8 before making any more jokes ending in "8".  Just my two cents Wink

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    I believe I offered my $5 to smack Max "up side the head"


    Let me quote Urban dictionary:


    upside your head
    Pimp slaping someone... The "up side" of your hand or back-hand is used instead of the palm. Commonly used when pimping women and they get out of line.

    Pimp: Baby u owe me $500.
    Pro: uhuh papa it is only $300...
    Pimp: Dont make me upside your head!


    So, obviously, Max wasn't smaked "up side the head". So can we have a re-do?


    Just to entice y'all... lookie... lookie...


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    Thank you so much for featuring the Connected Show in the episode! We are working hard on making an interesting Podcast series that mixes PING style News and Banter at the start of the show combined with interesting interviews on topics of both new Developer technology and interoperability topics.


    Dmitry Lyalin

    Microsoft Corporation



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    Haha... thanks.... I think?

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    "Max is right about the free thing.  Everything comes with a cost, and giving out your personal info (name, email, company name,etc.) is light $100+ dollars in the "third-party info sharing world""


    What I was trying to point out was suggesting that users privacy is gone when they use Google free services isn't true. And what I've found especially disturbing is that Max mentioned Google explicitly as the only company that makes your privacy gone (which is still untrue), which is a Microsoft competitor. I don't try to state that your personal info has no price. So, no, your comment doesn't make Max right.


    What is interesting that Max, as a Microsoft employee (is he?), doesn't get what can giving away services for free give to Google. It is a matter of emphasing that Google earns anything from knowing your personal info. Which is IMO false. By helping you to live online Google gets far more - it gets your heart. It gets your trust, you eyes and your mind. And it works for them. Google brand is gaining every day. They have trust, they have momentum, they get new users. And all this to sell some ads, that your trust more, because those are from Google.


    And not only that. By saying "Do no evil" Google is saying that they appreciate more then your money. I am not saying Google is a cure to all evil. I am saying they know what to do to gain trust. Which is priceless.


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