Ping 201: Leslie Lamport gets a Turing; OneNote Free and Everywhere; Sniping Zombies; Office Lens App; Age of Ascent

Play Ping 201: Leslie Lamport gets a Turing; OneNote Free and Everywhere; Sniping Zombies; Office Lens App; Age of Ascent

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    OneNote has to be one of the greatest apps Ms have released, love it.

    Age of Ascent looks interesting, but I've backed Elite Frontier from Kickstarter and awaiting that's arrival.

    I'm representing Xbox and Widows Phone :D

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    Love the credits at the end.

    @repping - I rep bleeding edge web development in the Microsoft ecosystem.

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    James Niesewand

    Heyya IRB,

    I don't think Elite Frontier and Age of Ascent overlap too much; as a browser-based / distributed game we can't really compete with installed triple-A games in terms of the detailing and rendering etc.

    But conversely, we can leverage what we're good at - truly putting the "M" into "MMO" :)

    I wouldn't really compare Elite Frontier (or indeed Star Citizen) to AoA; it's kinda like arguing Austen v Bronte :)

    Austen is a beautifully detailed blossom tree in a intricate village scene painted on the surface of a Ming Dynasty vase, and Bronte is a raving lunatic standing on top of a burning building, howling at the moon. Very much a matter of preference, and both have their niches!


    James Niesewand
    CEO, Illyriad Games (

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    I don't want you taking anything the wrong way. Your game looks excellent but as I have backed Elite Frontier (as I remember playing it on my ZX Spectrum) I wouldn't back another one as I will barely have time to play one of them.

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    Good show. Office lens is really nice. Unity is a lot of fun to use. So easy to get a basic game going. I'm working on a simple tower defense game and hope to have it done soon. So I guess if I'm repping anything right now it would be Unity. I've become a fan.

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    Good show, I'd have to say that OneNote is one of the best programs I've ever used, I started using it in 2004 and since then I have tried to get everyone to use it, who has access to it.

    I was listening to another podcast hacker-life, and they were talking about OneNote being free and began bashing on Microsoft and OneNote saying Evernote is better or what ever. I was using OneNote on my Android phone while I had one and synced to SkyDrive/OneDrive it ROCKED \m/ [H]

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    Great show! I think MS needs to do more marketing around OneNote, I still see people take notes in Notepad in school while we have always been able to get OneNote for free through programs like DreamSpark.

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