Ping 203: Live from Build!

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This week we come to you from San Francisco, live from Build 2014!  We took a break from our behind-the-scenes work to record a show on the Channel 9 Live stage and get you the news that Microsofties have been pinging each other about:

[03:28] Windows Phone 8.1 and the debut of Cortana

[06:02] Windows 8.1 free on phones and tablets with screens less than 9"

[07:19] Creating a Champion in Kinect Sports Rivals

[08:57] Call of Duty Championships

[11:14] Wrap-up and question of the week:

Take a look at the 170+ hours of video available from Build and let us know what your highlight was!

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The Discussion

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    The Ping fan image is missing a #PingShow =)

    All Dev content at Build was awesome. Biggest thing you forgot to mention is Roslyn being open sourced =), unless you recorded on day 1 =D


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    The highlight for me was Day 1 Keynote :)


    Good to see MS dropping the fee for small devices, it'll encourage more to be made at a cheaper price point that can compete with cheap android ones.

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    I too liked the idea of making Microsoft available to small devices for free.  Also, at least one of you said "Cortana" 's name correctly.  ;)

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    I hear more rumours on an upcoming Surface Mini (7-8" screen) with pen input. This is something I'd love to go nicely with my Surface Pro. I'm pretty sure you can't tell us anything about it even if you did know, but thoughts?

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