Ping 205: Remembering XP, Azure and the Internet of Things, Civilization Beyond Earth, Bing Personalized Cards, Avengers coming to Disney Infinity

Play Ping 205: Remembering XP, Azure and the Internet of Things, Civilization Beyond Earth, Bing Personalized Cards, Avengers coming to Disney Infinity

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    The, so-called, internet of things is not really a new concept. Sometime in the mid-1970s, a Coke machine at Carnegie-Mellon University was fitted with sensors and connected to the internet, permitting computer science department faculty and students to check, from the comfort of their offices or dorms, the availability of product as well as the temperature of the available product in the machine. Now if my refrigerator would just tell me when I'm running low on salsa ...

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    @Jerocis: The difference (well, one of them, anyway) is that the Internet-connected computing device today is in your home, your pocket, your car, your television, your glasses, your shoes, your ears, your eyes, your...


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    I have never been into any collectible card games. I know Pokemon used to be big along with magic the gathering. These games always seemed like a waist of time to me. I am a huge Blizzard fan (Star Craft, War Craft and Diablo are great games) so when I saw their new game Hearthstone I thought I would give it a try. It turns out to be a turn based card game. Yawnnn. It kept me occupied for about a half hour. Its basically adding and subtracting attack points and health points. The art looks nice but it takes more than art to make a great game. For all those who like those kind of card games you might as well try it out. Its free to down load.

    My next disappointment was a game called Star Wars Assault team on the ipad. It to turned out to be an add subtract game using cards and 3d elements. Your not missing much if you never play it.

    I am excited to see what Star Citizen can do. Its a space simulator that got its starting funds from kickstarter.  I watched a technical video about the game last night. It will be interesting to see how they build a game with the detail they have at the scale they are making it. It also looks beautiful.  

    Of course I am looking forward to some of the new Xbox one games being worked on. Halo and Destiny. 

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    So, the 11e will not go flat, but the Yoga will? I guess if you do yoga, you are more flexible.

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    • Xbox 360 - Since my Xbox is hooked to a dedicated projector (theater) room, and there isn't live TV, I still haven't felt compelled to shell out $500 + for an Xbox One, especially since there is no backwards compatibility.  It would be a different story if the Xbox One came with 4 controllers, recharging packs and several games for $500. Not all of us can get the Microsoft discount.  ;) 
    • PC - Still is dominant over any console.

    @Games play:

    • without kids:  Left4Dead 2, Halo 4
    • with (older) kid: Halo 4, Lego Marvel, Portal, Portal 2, Minecraft 360
    • with (younger) kid:  Minecraft 360, Fruit Ninja (Kinect), Marble Blast Ultra
    • with (spouse): Kinect Adventures, Root Beer Tapper
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    I stick mainly to playing games on my WP or Xbox One and on occasion the PC.

    I'm currently working on the new Hexic, Titanfall, Trials Fusion, PvZ & KS Rivals and GODUS on the PC.


    Looking forward to The Division and Halo 5 (and Halo 2 HD remake)

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