Ping 206: Rick is Back, Nokia is here, Funding for OpenSSL, Creating the Cleanroom, and more Peggle!

Play Ping 206: Rick is Back, Nokia is here, Funding for OpenSSL, Creating the Cleanroom, and more Peggle!

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    @MS/Nokia - I'm hopeful that MS finally can bring a all-inclusive hardware/software phone to market to compete with the likes of the fruit company.  I would like to see another 1020-style phone to come out (I'm still rocking an HTC radar -- waiting on a price drop for a 1020 -- or Rick can give me his ;))

    @classroom - I'd like to see Surfaces in the classroom that could be subsidized by Microsoft and the school so they are affordable to all families.  I would like to see kind of a Smart Glass application between the Surface and a digital whiteboard so that the students could be given control to share their ideas and be collaborative even at the early ages. To them, it would probably seem more like a game.

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    "CINT"  - Cortana in the Classroom

    "How do I find the tangent of a given angle"

    "Who was the 40th president of the United States"

    "What is the answer to question 6 on this f&$%* test"

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    "Cortana, What is the Acronym for 'Cortana in the Classroom'?"

    "The acronym is CITC, you idiot. You should go back to school"

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    I have a lecturer in operating systems class that always complains about how chalk and blackboards are impractical and "out-of-date". Although I agree, what would be really cool would be to have a gigantic touch screen display that does not reflect sunlight. Screen technology could be improved a lot and would make great changes to the education sector. I'm still waiting for touch paper with e-ink to revolutionize our every-day life. Sitting with a laptop during a lecture taking notes in OneNote that glows into my eyes isn't exactly comfortable.

    Speaking of OneNote, I would love to see more people use OneNote. So many people use Notepad or MSWord to take notes when they even have OneNote installed on their machine! Many technies I talk to doesn't even know what OneNote is so I believe Microsoft has a lot to gain on this through marketing. 

    But other than me dreaming, what would be really cool (for the smaller kids) is to see computers with software that is actually up to date. The amount of shared computers running outdated software like IE8 is too damn high. 

    And you guys knew you had a Facebook page as well? :)

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    We already have interactive whiteboards here in some of the schools in the UK, but it would be better if it was a large touch-screen instead.

    PixelSense (old Surface) would be great to see in schools for round table collaboration and as martinmine says, e-ink paper for note taking.

    OneNote is a must as it is brilliant, but it really comes alive when you can use a pen with it. They need to have an e-ink display with a digitizer and use OneNote on that.

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    I wish I would have had OneNote when I was in school. I probably still wouldn't have been a great student but it would have helped for sure. The office lens that auto-keystones and imports into OneNote would have been really helpful.

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