Ping 209: Surface 3 launch, WP apps, Xbox One update, After Hours gaming and more

Play Ping 209: Surface 3 launch, WP apps, Xbox One update, After Hours gaming and more
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Hey everybody! A bunch of cool stuff like Surface 3, xBox updates,

Mark is off at a worldwide bowling competition, Joey steps up to co-host this one with Rick.

[02:57] Surface Pro 3 launch event in New York city

[06:34] Channel 9 App for Windows Phone

[07:44] update for Xbox One

[09:55] Minecraft for Xbox One and more

[12:02] Microsoft team makes the AfterHours gaming league finals

[13:30] Halo 5 news

[15:20] Windows Phone release of Black - BW photography app


Question of the week: What are your favorite features of the new Surface Pro 3 and which one would you like to get?

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The Discussion

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    I'll have to head to the local MS store on June 6th (I believe) and try one out. Sometimes I wonder if MS would have more success if they took the Apple approach and didn't have ~20 different configurations to chose from (* 2 if you have to decide whether to buy the keyboard or not).- and instead just offer something like 8 (i5/i7 - 8/16GB - 128/256GB and include the keyboard)...sometimes too much selection will just cause the consumer to lose interest (at least it does for me). I could go spend anywhere from $800 to over $2000 - and no matter what I would buy I would feel like I either overspent and got more than I needed, or didn't buy enough and wish I would have got the next model up.  Similar issue with the Lumia phones - it would be nice if they just had a few models instead of a bunch of models that are similar just built for different providers. 

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    Umm, nevermind :)

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