Ping 21: Gates & Ballmer talk Chrome, MS Office edits Google Docs, MS Retail, Natal is hiring

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The bees aren't the only things buzzing this summer- Microsoft is making headlines left and right! Here are some of the big stories this week:

Apple wants Laptop Hunter ads pulled
Gates talks about Chrome
...and Ballmer talks about Chrome!
MS Office to edit Google Docs
Let's shop Microsoft!
Project Natal is hiring a farewell to Max. (for now)



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    The Discussion

    • radg

      Heh, Aplle vs MS. I'm actually about to buy a new laptop. And I'm going for Macbook Pro. I admit, I'm still going to run Windows on it and yes, it's gonna be windows development machine. But the reason I'm buying a Macbook Pro is so I can run any sort of OS I want - OSX, Windows, Linux. I mean, maybe Scott H may afford 4 different laptops, one for home, one for going out with the kid, one for when going to Africa and one that he gets sponsorship for from MS. I'm just a random dude, I want a good value for good money, I'm getting a Mac.


      Regarding Gates and Ballmer talking about Chrome OS. My 60 yrs old mother doesn't have a clue about SSD, HDD, 800MHz vs 633MHz RAM, she doesn't care about Windows 7 score, she doesn't play games, she doesn't use Word or Outlook. All she cares for is to run her computer every morning, have the broadband running, check the email, read some news. For that she doesn't need a Windows PC with anti-spyware, anti-virus running. She's using Linux at the moment, she's very happy and if I could get her a Google Chrome OS with a support that would be just perfect.


      ... and what Ballemr says is always funny. I was really disappointed when I didn't see him running out on the stage sweating, doing his monkey act, screaming "partners, partners, partners!" during WPC. That would be sooooo funny, but he failed.


      Regarding MS stores. I wish you luck guys, really. I just hope it's not gonna end up like "where do you want to go today" and the majority of the people is going to say "right, I'm heading to the coolness of Apple, the store on the other side of the road".


      Fingers crossed for project Natal. I think XBox, next to SQL Server is the best product that MS ever made.


      This is my personal opinion, it has nothing to do with the company I work for.

    • joechung

      Chrome OS and Android aren't like Windows NT and Windows 95.  It's more like Windows and Windows Mobile.


      Well actually it's more like vaporware and Windows Mobile since Chrome OS is just an announcement, not anything real.

    • rhm


    • PaulMest

      LOL, Max hates it when I say it like that!  I really hope it catches on! Wink

    • maxx.erik

      Noooooooooo don't leave Max! Sad

    • intelman
    • maxzuck

      I'll stick around forums and comments... maybe post a story here and there for you all Wink

    • maxzuck

      I got you into the Ping show, and I can take you OUT! Tongue Out haha

    • aL_

      paul got pwn3d Wink revenge is sweet

      sorry to see you go max, maybe laura and paul can come visit and do a remote ping Smiley


    • Outsider1969

      Paul gets the **smack**! oooooooooooooooooh!


      Office Live Workspaces is cool but I have yet to download the client component yet that syncs my online file to my desktop.


      Hope all works well for you Max at Stanford!


      Man, Ping gets better every week!


    • Laura10

      Thanks Outsider!

    • maxzuck

      Thanks Smiley

    • Echto_Gammut

      Not to put too fine of a point on this, but Microsoft has had stores before. There used to be a Microsoft store in San Francisco at the Metreon, there was another in NY and another in Seattle. All of them failed. What has been described about these new stores sounds exactly like the old stores I visited. 

      Also, you make the rather bizzare statement that Microsoft has found that having multiple OSes didn't work. You may want to do some product research about the company you work for. Microsoft currently has: CE, Mobile 6, Vista and Server 2008. XP has platform specific versions, such as Media Center, Tablet Edition and various Embedded versions. For Google to have one version of their OS for phones and another for netbooks, seems rather obvious due the different demands of both devices. Balmer has proven himself to be a bit of an idiot when it comes to his statements regarding things he doesn't like, but I don't think you should blindly walk in his footsteps just because he is your boss.

      PS Haas rules.

    • maxx.erik


    • Outsider1969

      Laura & Max:


      You're welcome...the TMI buzzer was pretty good in the beginning..or was it a "went overboard" buzzer?

      I dunno...


      BTW- After the reading the article, I understand what Ballmer is getting at about the multiple os thing, but isn't the whole idea of "cloud-computing" allowing the web to be a major platform for future apps? I'm I wrong about his assumption?

    • maxzuck

      Microsoft is fully committed to software PLUS services... so for example, Outlook is the software and Exchange is the service.  And you can get the "service" in the cloud via Outlook Web Access.  Other companies believe services only in the cloud is the way to go, but personally if I had just email in a browser and no cached local copy, I am not sure it would work out well for me.

    • Outsider1969

      I understand...Like for example, we use Lotus Notes (Web) on my job  Sad  but I use an Outlook client on my desktop to save any old mail to my local folders.  Although I can't get to my local folders remotely (unless I use remote desktop) I still like the security of having my archived mail stored where I can "control" or "own" it.


    • ecofriend

      How about responding with something like, salesperson telling the shoppper, hey Apple dropped their prices, shopper gets excited and runs over to the apple section only to find that apples still cost more than a comparable Windows PC.


      This idea is  provided free, the next one will cost you. Wink

    • Saman

       I think you are in a mistake. different products of a company like MS means you have some alternative to run your system throught different spec of OSes but different version for an OS means that when a company needs to develope a software for Google OS (Google didn't make its OS by itself, it just developed a version of linux) have to make more that 115-120 version of the software to run on every various devices. But when you have a XP (for example) every software which work on your system can work on any other systems that have XP too.

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