Ping 222: MSN Preview, Siri vs. Cortana, Minecraft hits Xbox One, OneDrive, Apps for Office Workers, E.T cartridges

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Hey everybody! Welcome back to Ping!  It's episode 222, which is a pretty cool palindrome episode number.  We're so happy to get a ton of correspondence this week - thanks pingers!  We talk about your suggestions about the coolest cooler and more these stories that we've been pinging each other about...

[05:51] MSN Preview

[07:26] Microsoft's latest Siri vs. Cortana ad aims to find the fairest voice assistant of them all

[08:37] 'Minecraft' hits Xbox One this Friday and an upgrade only costs $5

[09:56] It's official: Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage to support up to 10 GB files

[11:07] 10 Must-Have Windows Phone Apps for Office Workers

[13:02] You can buy those excavated 'E.T.' cartridges at auction soon


[14:32] Question of the week! Where would you like us to shoot a remote Ping Episode?


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The Discussion

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    John Marshall

    Under the Aurora bridge in Freemont because we need more trolls on Ping.

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    I like Jerocis' idea of location.

    Also would like to see the XBox team's area. They should have a pretty cool space.

    Thanks for showing off the postcards. One of them is actually the Kennedy Space Center but in LEGOs at Miniland USA at Legoland Florida:


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    QOTW: I would say do it in Satya Nadella's office ... have a show with him!
    Or at Microsoft Archives.
    Or just walk into a room while a team are working on some code and just film in the middle of them, while they're coding.... Probably a team related to Windows, or the Visual Studio team, or some compiler teams (C++, C#, typescript, etc...).
    Or many be a bit of all in one video!!!

    That would be cool to watch. :D

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    +1 on Satya Nadella's office


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    Von Bern

    Tanks for showing my card "The simile".

    And I love the Xbox channel9 app.

    Now my wife can follow the show with me at home (6)

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    I understand from the DeFrag show that MS has a huge underground parking lot on campus. 2-3 soccer fields, 4 levels underground huge. If you can do create a mobile set, you could do it in there at various points to show how huge it is. If that's not possible, then I'd support the idea of filming in the Xbox team's area. Not too sure Satya would accept the 9 guy challenge in his office.

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    Remote CH9 episode..  That's easy

    Bullfighting ring in Spain

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    Speaking of must have apps,  Handyscan for scanning receipts and saving them to Onedrive.  no more lost receipts at expense time!  yoohoo.

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    How about a remote show in Montreal? I'll buy the beer and Poutine.

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    You guys should shoot in the middle of an Apple Store! :P  Just Kidding. On a Serious note to answering the question, if you guys could shoot from the middle of a Microsoft Store that would be pretty cool. :)

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    Things I left out in my first post; firstly thanks for reading my comment on the show. I feel famous now; like I've won an award. I'd like to thank my mom and my friends for supporting me. Oh... I don't have to make a speech? Thanks anyway. I realized then that my profile picture is a 9 guy, I'll change that soon.

    The MSN site is awesome 🙆. I'm loving it. I don't use one home page, in IE (my main browser) I use MSN and Bing. My other browser is Firefox, and that has an additional page which is  

    Channel 9 isn't one of my start pages but it really should be. It's in my blood though, and I hit it regularly to check on ping, cloud ☁ cover, web camps TV, azure Friday, dev radio, inside Windows phone and any other item of interest that comes up from time to time. And I have the app on my PC. 

     Mark, I'm holding you personally responsible for ensuring Rick brings the hash tag sign. Episode 223 shouldn't have you guys throwing gang signs  😁. (I should get a 9 guy for the reminder shouldn't I? Of course I should). The 222 in the episode title was spelled wrong. The 2 in the middle should be the one at the end, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed it. 

    Now adding Channel 9 as one of my home pages.

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    How to get Bing Background and MSN home page plus more:

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