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    @SkyDrive -- Don't you mean "OneDrive"?  We don't want the lawsuits to fly.  ;)  I keep photos, documents, etc., working directly out of the OneDrive that syncs with the cloud.  Basically always work as if my laptop will someday decide not to power on.

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    I have about 40GB stored on my OneDrive (mostly music, pics and Kinect studio files). Interestingly I ripped all of my old CDs and stored them in OneDrive as a backup - hoping I could play them through Media Player.  That didn't pan out - however, I heard rumors that MS was going to allow Xbox Music play from a OneDrive account which would be awesome.  I did notice that when I logged into Xbox Music on my Xbox One it had a button for something about Instructions for playing from OneDrive, but then took me into some Microsoft IT account login page :) Looks like things may be getting close.

    Question of the week you should ask - what would people be willing to pay for the Work and Play bundle?  $200 seems a bit steep, I might go for $149ish - especially if it included Windows as well. ($9/month for Xbox Music Pass seems outrageous to me, given all the free music services out there, which unfortunately makes the Xbox Music service on my phone, desktop, xbox one, and web useless - unless they do actually start allowing you to play music stored on your OneDrive)

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    OneDrive is my default storage location for almost everything on my PC. I've stored photos I've shot on my phone (Since HTC HD7 days), my documents all go there, memorable videos (niece's first steps etc. and family events). I've also backed up all the ebooks I still had, my ringtones, any research I'm working on, case studies and my brain's backup OneNote work's there as well.

    Short answer is I'm using close to 65 gigs.

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    John Visio MVP

    Time to start talking about the band and not the one that shows up at the end of Patch and Switch.

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    With unlimited storage. I am tempted to store the couple terabytes of data I have from Gaming and all my Adobe Premiere Project Files in OneDrive :D

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    I've got at least 300GB in my OneDrive

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