Ping 23: Yahoo Partnership, Wave launches, Win7 for testers & Amazon milk ratings

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Microsoft made huge headlines this week and somehow in the mix of it all, some of us managed to search for Wolf T-shirts on Amazon. Here's how it all went down:

Microsoft and Yahoo partner

Ride the Microsoft Wave

Beta Testers get Win7 for free

Milk get high ratings!



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    The Discussion

    • brian.​shapiro

      Foy is such a funny last name.

    • PaulMest

      Hey, make sure to watch through to the end of the episode for a special treat for our viewers.

    • Deactivated User

      Comment removed at user's request.

    • PaulMest

      Here is the article I read that claims that only 40 people were in this special invitation-only program:


      If you find something differently, please let us know (Ping [at] microsoft dotcom) and we'll correct it in the next episode.

    • intelman

      The way the program was structured is quite dumb. My feedback in the "normal random people beta program" was not taken seriously.


      Oh well, I tried.

    • rhm

      Hey, do you wear the jacket on stage? I noticed you've done your hair - is that because you're a full-time co-host now? Smiley



      btw. Microsoft Wave - I so wanted that to be Microsoft's implementation of the Google Wave protocol. Guess we're going to be waiting a while longer for that.

    • PaulMest

      I don't always wear the jacket on stage.  It depends where I perform.  I wear it on stage at Parlor Live in Bellevue, WA.  I have a very special gig there and I like to look professional.  My hair looks different because I couldn't make it to my regular stylist.  Do you like it better this way or the old way?


      I, too, thought the story was going to be about a Google Wave partnership/compete story... but not so much... the site does showcase a lot of our cooler items, though!

    • maxx.erik

      Pual goes deep! hahahah... goof balls.

    • CrispYY

      The new stile fits you Wink


      Also nice show again!

    • rhm

      You have a STYLIST?! That's too showbiz for Microsoft dude.

    • maxzuck

      It's not a stylist for the Ping show Wink


      It's just Paul.

    • intelman

      I can confirm it is not the 40 people who get Windows 7 free, it is the whole invited connect group. Nice stuff!


      If Ping can't get it right, who can?

    • LyalinDotCom

      I must also admit to having a Yahoo email address I never use with thousand of incoming spams a day Smiley

    • Laura10

      Squeakual Server Image:



    • Porto

      Ok, where are the tags for this episode?????


      Good one btw.

    • SlackmasterK

      they're full of it.


      In an Email from Microsoft dated today:


      Thank you for doing your part in making Windows 7 great! As a member of the technical beta program you took the time to download, install and give us your feedback on Windows 7 during development. Over the last 7 months you have participated in chats, live meetings and newsgroups as well as reported bugs to help us find and fix many issues. To recognize your outstanding contribution to the product we are pleased to offer you a complimentary copy of Windows 7 for your personal use.


    • Laura10

      Thanks Porto Smiley Tags added!

    • Porto

      No problem, I'm just this metadata nerd....


      Just for the fun of it, how about a ping tag for Ping 17, 19, 21 Angel ?

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