Ping 230: Angry Birds, Satya's Favorite App, NORAD, Forcefields and Pulse

Play Ping 230: Angry Birds, Satya's Favorite App, NORAD, Forcefields and Pulse

The Discussion

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    love your work guys. @ricksterCDN says "like us on facebook" but the fingers say: "show ping the" (the audience's left is your right)

    One of advantage of being a Clause at Christmas must be the ability to travel anywhere without a passport or travel at faster than light speeds or be impervious to reindeer 'smell'...

    Top pick for holiday gift: balloon animal kit to play with my twin girls Christmas morning, and afterwards jump about in front of my Kinect enabled Xbox One (I can wish ....)

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    The Force Field around the earth shaped like a donut...mind immediately went to 'Space Balls: The Movie" - seems like it would/should be in that movie. "Jam their radar!"

    Ping should do another live show (from another bar) and use Bing Pulse to see what viewers think...

    Thanks for the tip on the free Angry Birds!  Now I have something else to keep me busy at the airport/plane while I travel over the holidays (on my Lumia 521)


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    My son really wants a 3d printer which is a fairly big ticket item for Santa so we're going to go halvsies on it since I'd like one too.

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    When you showed the snail mail in the end it says
    Ond Microsoft Way...

    The funny part is that "Ond" in Swedish translates to "evil" 

    So I think it will be better to use One or 1 instead...

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