Ping 231: Nokia 215, Water from p**p, SmartBelt, Compute Stick, SlingTV

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    I was thinking of getting the Nokia 215 for my wife but looks like it doesn't have Wifi. That would make it too expensive a phone... because she would have to have a data plan to go on the internet. She currently has the Nokia 530. It's terrible in sunlight, too small for Chinese (not all parts of the UI can enlarge the fonts).

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    Thanks guys, waiting for the Channel9 guy.

    From The Great White North.

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    I only watch live TV for sports and news - everything else I watch is recorded on the DVR so I can skip all the commercials.  Sling sounds interesting - but the non-negotiable would be the ability to watch on-demand shows without commercial (or at least with the ability to fast forward through the commercials).  That's the current downfall of the current cable channel apps out there - you cant skip the commercials - which is why DVR is still the best thing out there.

    As an aside - does it annoy anyone else out there that when you go to a news website and they have a video of a story - when you watch the video it first shows a 30 second ad, followed by the actual news story that's 20 seconds long? Oh, and you want to watch the next story?  Heres another ad (that's usually the same as the 1st one)!

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    I got the nine guy in the mail today. Thank you!

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    I have a question about RT devices. I have searched many times on the web, but have no concrete answer. What is the future for RT devices? Is Microsoft going to continue to support them or will they become paper weights? I have one myself and I use it for much of what I do, just would love to have the ability to upgrade when the time comes. Please let me know.

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