Ping 232: USB 3.1, Xbox Wins an Emmy, Rudy Huyn

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    As much as I'm looking forward to this other advances have made it seem less important. Many of my things that used to be usb are now wireless and I no longer have a bunch of usb hard drives attached to my machine since I started storing / backing things up to onedrive. Even small flash drives aren't used as much anymore. I used to have to often sneaker-net log files etc from one system to another but now I just have them sent to a shared onedrive folder.

    Having one cable to connect a bunch of things will be nice though. Bring on the progress, I say!

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    It'll be messy for awhile as things slowly migrate, but it should be great if it delivers on its promises. I hope my future experiences are better than my first run-in where a docking device by Plugable [sic] repeatedly caused bug checks (DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE). I realize it has nothing to do with the 3.x standard, but fair or not it will be judged by the quality of devices that use it.

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    Excited - Yes, until I realize its just a matter of time until they come out with an even better connector that we'll be just as excited for when it gets released.

    Will they have Type-C to USB 2/3 converters - it would be nice if they can so that future laptops will only have Type C ports, and then you can buy converters for existing hardware.

    I can see the specs now  '2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB 3.1 Type C port'.

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    John Visio MVP

    What is so hard about USB connectors? You do not have to peer inside to determine which way they go. As in life, when you have to go, remember the crack is in the back.
    So if you can see the joint in the connector, it is facing the wrong way.

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    Well you see this is the bad thing and a good thing.  For those of us that have bought many devices with other usb or cable architectures we know how this is.  Just when we get it all working the way we want something new comes out.  Now some of the cables of the past are not even used that much any more.  There are few that use firewire any more, even though it was a good means of transport.  USB is by far one of the greatest technologies to have ever come out, but they are going to continue changing it.  There are many different usb type cables and some are getting harder and harder to find.  However, on top of all of this my main concern is what is this new cable going to mean for the phone industry.  Most android and windows phones are using micro usb connectors, most windows phones as well, however a fruit phone uses lightning connectors.  What does this mean for the phone industry?  Also most other USB versions where reverse compatible.  What about this one?

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    Okay, Rick,

    Nice 'Surface flip' (tm) at about 5:28 in the recording.  does everyone dig the Rickster's dexterity?

    Keep up the great shows.


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