Ping 233: Dropbox App, Brain Box, Windows 10 (Freaking Holograms!!!)

Play Ping 233: Dropbox App, Brain Box, Windows 10 (Freaking Holograms!!!)

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    Hey guys! Absolutely loved the Windows event, and what was revealed.

    As if Kinect wasn't enough, the Hololens has brought us even closer to the minority report. [I just paused to let that sink in]. My imagination is still trying to grasp this but I'd like to have a Skype chat with someone and have them sit across me, and watch a movie by staring at a wall.

    I haven't watched episode 233 yet, but I'm about to start watching it now.

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    Not sure why they didn't call it HaloLens (given Cortana, Spartan names) - I'm going to have a hard time calling it HoloLens.

    I think in 5-7 years when it becomes smaller - it will be as common as a 2nd monitor in the workplace today.  I can imagine that instead of having multiple monitors - you can just 'throw' documents (doc, xls, ppt, .cs, .cpp) up on a cube wall and now you have unlimited deskspace to work in, you just turn your head/chair.  If you want to share and discuss a document - you can just share it virtually.  Would love to have it hooked up to a Surface tablet so that as I write on the tablet, the ink shows up in others users virtual whiteboard. 

    Unfortunately, DWHs (Driving While Holograming) will cause all sorts of legal issues.

    Side note - which would be safer - texting while driving, talking on a phone while driving, talking via Bluetooth while driving, or wearing HaloLens (sorry, I still think you should change the name) while driving?

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    Let's be honest... There's one thing that most people would love to experience with holography... I'll leave that to your imagination though.

    On a technical side though, being able to collaborate over design or share a virtual whiteboard. On a gaming side, games like Minecraft seem obvious, but I'd like to see what it could do in other genres. On the hobby side it'd be cool to show me a 3rd person view while rock crawling so that I can more easily pick my lines and ensure my tires are where I want them to be. (Think switching to the 3rd person view versus cockpit view in any racing game.)

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    M S

    Another favorite option for file sharing that works on MS is

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    Well that is an interesting question.  However, since I am a parent, I am kind of curious as to the fact of parental control.  I mean since each headset is an individual experience, how would the parent be able to know just what the child is doing.  Further more, based on what they showed at the keynote, we know that two headsets can see the same things, but what would take it up a notch would be multi user integration.  Thing about it, you and your friends at the same place using these to play games together it would be awesome.  Then you also have to take into account the fact that as the press video showed, you would not need many of the entertainment appliances we use now.  I think it is cool to be able to do some hand gestures and a video screen just appear on my wall, not to mention be able to follow me everywhere.

    I do have one worry that comes to mind me though, what if someone decides to wear these while driving?

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    The link to Brain Box: 5 Windows Phone Apps that can make you smarter is not correct.
    Could you provide actual link?

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    @developkc: Based on your Driving While Halograming, I figured it could also be useful to have directions displayed while driving. They could add a driving mode like in Windows Phone which would ensure there are no distractions and then I'd only see the arrows indicating where I need to turn and any change in speed limit, gas stations, hospitals/clinics and police stations when I'm moving in an unfamiliar place.

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    Lisabeth Jen

    Since every device will be running Windows 10 it would be great if developpers added a connection between HoloLens and Kinect. It would make a really immersive gaming enviroment where you would be able to move around, tracked by the Kinect and would see you world getting adjusted with HoloLens and the player weilding holographic weapons. The possibilities are near limitless.

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    Visio MVP

    If all devices will be running Windows 10, why would you need an Xbox?

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    It's fun to see that we are entering in to what I like to call the "Star Trek" World. Microsoft HoloLens is the HoloDeck of Star Trek. Now if I wanted to have an experience with HoloLens I would want to EXPERIENCE Halo. I think it would be freaking fantastic to interact with the characters in Halo, Kill Covenant, Flood, etc. It would also be a chance to interact with Cortana more in the world she originated from.

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    @Andrii: I concur the link is the drop box article link. 


    @MarkDeFalco:   Looking at a Cached Bing page from I found this:


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